BUNN CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Review [September 2023]

BUNN Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker

  • BPA Free.
  • Easy-to-Use.
  • Drip Free Jug.
  • 3 Year Warranty.
  • Quick Brewing Technology.
  • Commercial Grade Water Tank.
  • Designed and Assembled in USA.
  • Brew Tall Travel Mugs or Full Pot of Coffee.

The enchanting beans, with their sweet-smelling nature, provokes the soul and ignite the mind. A busy life requires a strong coffee to begin the day with full strength. Making it hard to kick-start daily without sipping into a hot water cup coffee may disturb our lifestyle. Yes, we all know about how much a pot of coffee stands that you get in your work way, but why purchase from outside if you can prepare your favorite drink in less time.

Having a modern coffee maker in the home makes life more flexible. It might be the right time to step into the world of coffee makers if you want an energetic morning once you come back from a walk. It is a good idea to have a ready to brew bistro quality at home coffee, and you feel that you saved a lot by buying a coffee machine for your home.

So here we come with BUNN CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker. The fastest maker that brews maximum cups of coffee in about 3 minutes. Its producers makes the Bunn coffee maker best for home coffee use and commercial use, as this less expensive machine gives you a full feel of the high-grade coffee maker.

Our research shows that the company has been around for decades and is a leading brand in coffee maker technology. If you want to enjoy its advantages and excellent taste, drive down to know about its features in detail.

BUNN CSB2G Speed Brew Elite: First Impressions​

BUNN CSB2G Elite Coffee Maker

BUNN Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker Specifications
Dimensions14″(H) x 7.8″(W) x 12.5″(D)
Weight9.5 pounds
Capacity50 oz / 10 cups
Brew Time3 – 4 min
Water Tank Capacity70 oz
ConstructionStainless Steel, Matte Gray
Warranty3 Year
Power900 W
Number of Burners1
Number of Warmers1

Reasons To Buy

  • Freedom of Choice – Full Pot or Mug.
  • Drip-Free Carafe Delivers the Cleanest Pour.
  • Full Coverage Multi-Stream Water Spray Head.
  • Compact Design Fits in Any Corner or At a Countertop.
  • Matte Grey Finish Look Enhances the Look of the kitchen.
  • 10 Cups in One Go And One Large Mug in Under 4 Minutes.
  • Auto-off Feature Stop Once You Get The Desired Temperature.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Spray Head and Some Parts Need Daily Cleaning.

Detailed Specifications

1. Design

The main aim of buying a good coffee maker is to get a good cup of joe that extracts the right aroma and taste from beans. With this Bunn coffee maker, you will surely make the best drinks in your town. It comes with a unique shower head, quick brew temp, drop free jug, on/off button, hot platter, a stainless silver reservoir, and many more options. This is the secure home coffee machine in America, with an updated design. Its matte grey finish with a black gloss accent, high polished steel, and glass jug along with brand name give it an eye-catching glimpse.

This compact model with a weight of 9 pounds and 14″(H) x 7.8″(W) x 12.5″(D) dimensions make it the best product for home use as well as for commercial too. The taller funnel and “Burp & Boil” system extract the real taste from coffee to deliver you a cup of joe in 4 min. All its design and assembling are done in the USA that built to last for a 3-years. Its simple to use pour in bowl feature with a reservoir level indicator that shows you how much water has been added.

Overall, it is a well-constructed, straightforward Bunn coffee maker created with all vital elements to provide you a cafe taste coffee. It will perfectly fit in your kitchen counter or a corner of your office to convert your place into a smart look with its matte finish.

2. Fast Brew Technology

BUNN Speed Brew

Compared to average, Bunn coffee makers take around 8 to 12 minutes to brew a cup coffee. There is a lot of things everyone wants to do in the morning, as experts claimed that BUNN coffee maker takes less than half the time for brewing. As a result, in about 4 minutes, the Bunn Speed brew Elite deliver you 10 cups of joe. Plus, it comes with freedom of choice to select a different cup size. 

This machine allows you to brew one large mug ( 20 ounces) in 2 min and full jug (50 ounces) in 4 min. That’s mean you can carry your Bunn speed brew mug if you get late in the morning for office. 

However, you can make enough coffee for you and your friends in less time. Below this point, you will get an important feature that explains why it is such a sturdy and durable machine.

3. Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Water Tank

This machine saves lots of energy as it does not need a button to “start” the brewing process. Its cistern always produces high temp H2O along with its warm platter that keeps your drink in its real state. This machine has two switches- first on the front side for the plate and an “on/off” switch on the back for the tank.

It uses an internal Commercial Quality Stainless Steel reservoir that keeps the 70 oz water always friendly. You may be thinking about how it keeps it hot water tank always, so here is the answer. The heat retention in the hot water tank keeps same consistency in every drop. 

As it not only delivers fresh-flavored coffee, but there is no waiting for the heated water. Whereas on the other hand, you may find difficulties in traditional coffee makers as they take so long to heat the water.

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Next, the plate that also starts the process by switching on the button that keeps your drink pleasant for serving at optimal temp. So its boiling technology won’t change your coffee’s taste as some other result in a burnt flavor. All thanks to its temperature regulated reservoir that delivers you a unique brewed pot of java. 

Although the turbulence role in Speed Brew’s reservoir guarantees you the constant flow of boiling liquid. On the other hand, its sprinkle head style alike showers and swim through grind coffee for entire brewing. So you’ll get the perfect result with an ideal temp of the water to the jug faster.

4. Water Spray Head

The design of this product makes it more exciting and unique. Its full coverage multi-stream head construction helps you in getting the most tasting coffee. The purpose it carries is to showers hot liquid over the coffee powders. It also controls the run rate passing into the funnel, and its hole pattern regulates the funnel’s reservoir connection for brewing. Thus, interaction enhances the final flavor.

However, it has a taller funnel, which is ¼” taller than other filters. Its unique design makes the flow of liquid fast and prevents the overflow of coffee.

Speed Brew Coffee Maker

Another feature that plays an essential role in the spray head is turbulence. It is the flow rate pattern that inspires the mixing action occurs in the funnel, along with the effectiveness of the shower angle. 

Equally, divided turbulence leads to uniform extraction and smooth, rich taste. Daily cleaning of its head helps in maintaining proper flow.

5. Drip Free Carafe with Freedom of Choice

It comes with an exclusive carafe that gives a clearer pour you saw on the market. A high-quality jug incorporates a drip-free design that reduces the chance of accidentally dropping while pouring. 

With a proprietary lid and spout design, arced coffee into the cup and wicks the rest back into the carafe. This kind of feature you may not get in traditional coffee brewer, so BUNN speed brew put their products into a wonderful design.

The jug may appear small, but it carries the flexibility to form a full pot (up to 10 cups) or fill standard 20 ounces coffee travel beaker. It is a perfect choice for those who need coffee before work or has to rush on the day with a travel mug. 

Having a single-serve cup coffee won’t satisfy the requirement for coffee fans, and it won’t save the time until and unless you have to make several cups for everyone. But, this kitchen appliance is intended to the full fill enough drink for you and your invited friends.

6. Precautions to be taken

Follow the basic steps to keep your electric appliances working for long- 

  • Don’t touch its platter until you switch off the button.
  • Place the coffee brewer on a dry and balanced surface.
  • Do not trip the coffee brewer.
  • Use this coffee brewer indoors only.
  • Plug the cord correctly, and don’t let the cord hang.
  • Don’t set the hot carafe on a cold surface as the plate makes the base mild. 
  • Keep the machine away from the wet place.
  • Do not open the lid while brewing.
  • While cleaning, the machine ensures that all the switches are in the “off” state.
  • Give close supervision when the coffee brewer is used around children.

7. Cleaning and Care

To avoid built-up residue and the development of any unpleasant flavor, wash your coffee maker after each use. Follow the simple steps for cleaning-

  • Wash the brew funnel, jug, basket after each use, and they are dishwasher safe.
  • Use a mild, non-abrasive dish soap if you’re washing by hand.
  • Wipe down the outside occasionally, including the area up the brew pipe.
  • Clean the valve with mild soap and gentle liquid. 
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the inside and outer rim. 
  • Rub the pour lid and lid with a soft cloth, normal liquid, and mild detergent.
  • You can even use the vinegar to soak the full pot coffee for fine cleaning.
  • In order to give a more cleaning, then place the paper filter into the funnel. Use 2 tsp of detergent, remove the filter and rinse the funnel thoroughly.
  • Its shower tips need daily cleaning for maintaining the proper flow.
  • Water in the coffee brewer should be drained when you’re shipping it, transporting, or storing it in an unheated place with a chance of freezing.

Final Verdict ​

BUNN designed its products within the USA, which ends up with the fastest home coffee appliances. It stands strong compared to other companies that provide an only 1-year, but BUNN Speed Brew goes beyond it and provides a 3-year warranty. This shows how confident they’re with their coffee makers. With this, CSB2G home coffee maker you can make and enjoy 10 cups of coffee and one large beaker that that is ready to brew in seconds and prepare your cup of coffee within 4 minutes. 

This machine is well-constructed with a stainless reservoir that always ensures hot coffee. However, the glass jug joins with a drop-free design to cut back the danger of accidental spilling of drops. The showerhead and taller funnel deliver you the precise taste of ground coffee you use in making the beverages. Overall, CSB2G is one of the fastest, reliable, and sturdy kitchen appliances. The look and construction of it make it up-to-mark.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. How do I use a BUNN Speed Brew coffee machine for brewing?

  • Place the cup coffee maker on a flat surface.
  • Put the coffee filter into the funnel.
  • Shake the brew tube to level the ground coffee.
  • Fill the glass with 20 oz liquid for 4 cups, 50 oz for 10 cups.
  • Open the pour-in lid and pour the water into the cup coffee maker.
  • Set the position of the jug properly on a plate.
  • Turn on the switches, close the lid and wait for 4 minutes for the drip out to complete.

2. BUNN coffee maker comes with how many coffee filters?

You will get 25 packs of a paper filter that helps in separating the fine substance to extract the exact taste from coffee grounds.

3. What control technologies does BUNN Speed Brew Elite provide?

These are the 5 technology control that CSB2G gives you –

  • Pre-Infusion- Control over the wetting process
  • Pulse Brew- Control over the extraction phase
  • Variable Bypass- Control over brew strength (% of H2O)
  • Extraction System – control over water distribution ( 21 shower hole)
  • Peak Extraction – It features protection and isolates the directional stream holes and capture the minerals.

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