Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder Review [March 2023]

Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder Review

  • Compact Design.
  • Economical Pricing
  • Easy-to-Use Push Button.
  • Contains a Friction Clutch.
  • Efficient Coffee Burr Grinder.
  • Static-Free Materials keep Both the Interior and Exterior Clean.

Burr coffee grinder grinds beans to a uniform size of particles. This makes the best cup of coffee, avoids clogging problems, and gives you the flexibility to grind beans to the coarseness or fineness that best suits the kind of coffee or espresso maker you are using.

Bodum Bistro is an electric grinder comes with innovative features and different grinding settings. The consistency of each grind is far better than blade grinders or some cheaper burr grinders. It will surely elevate the quality of coffee by a couple of notches. You do not need to be a coffee-making expert to access this burr grinder. It is electrically powered and automatically does its work giving you a consistent coffee ground.

For those who crave the whole experience of a freshly-brewed cup of joe, purchasing a top-quality grinder must be on your wish list. To make your decision easy, we generously wrote on Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder with all the vital information for die-heart coffee lovers. To see how well this coffee grinder works, read the full article in detail.

Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder Review : First Impressions​

Coffee Grinder

Bodum Coffee Grinder Specifications
Dimensions7.6 x 7.1 x 12.5 inches
MaterialPlastic, Rubber, Silicon, Stainless-Steel
Weight4 pounds
Power120 V
Burr TypeConical
Bean Capacity7.75 oz
Grinding Settings12
Ground Coffee Capacity3 oz

Reasons To Buy

  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Adjustable Lid for Hooper.
  • 12 Adjustable Grind Settings.
  • Constructed With Stainless Steel.
  • Holds Up to 7.75 Ounces of Coffee Beans.
  • Conserves The Bean’s Intrinsic Flavor and Aroma.
  • Beans are Ground to Precise and Uniform Coarseness.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Noisy.
  • The Repetitive Grinding Can Result In The Coffee Beans Jamming The Grinder Parts.

Bodum Coffee Grinder: Detailed Specifications​

Bodum is a respected brand that produces the best quality and affordable beverages products. It was initially founded in Copenhagen Denmark, in 1944 by Peter Bodum. This coffee grinder is one of its superb examples of an electrical Burr Coffee Grinding Machine.


The machine looks so fancy that its appearance alone may convince you to put it in front and center of the countertop of your kitchen. It is made of glass, steel, rubber, and silicone. The design of the Bodum Bistro is well-thought-of because no matter what color you choose, you rest assured that the color of the buttons will clearly contrast the color of the rest of the machine for simpler use. At the floor of the base, there’s a clutch. It keeps it from slipping and sliding around.

Not only is its body beautiful, but the conical burr and motor design make it super reliable. The 160-watt motor runs the 35 mm stainless steel conical burrs at a constant speed of 720 RPM. It is not the quickest motor but produces even and consistent grinds.

Key features

1. Hopper and Coffee Catcher

Bodum Coffee Grinder

The hopper is made of transparent plastic material and can hold 7.75 ounces or upto 220 grams of coffee beans. The hopper comes with a multi-function Lid that keeps beans fresh and aromatic for a longer time. The Lid provides a built-in measuring guide that tells you the right amount of coffee and the best grind setting for your chosen brew method. This burr grinder has an 11 oz Catcher container that ace up its sleeve.

The container is made of anti-static borosilicate glass that helps discharge the static from the ground coffee beans. So there’s no need to worry about spilling fine coffee dust all over your kitchen when pulling out the grounds bin immediately after grinding. There is a rubberized grip on the top of the container to hold and prevent ‘jumping’ coffee grounds.

2. Conical Burr

The grinder uses 35-m stainless steel cone-shaped burrs to grind the beans. The conical burr crushes beans into even size while the typical blade grinder chops or slices the beans, ensuring even same sized grounds, at the same time preserving the natural flavors and aroma.

3. Settings

When it comes to cleaning the lid, and part of the conical burr mechanism is both removable. It has a 15 oz removable box at the top and 7 oz large.

The machine is designed to be easy to use. When you plug in the grinder, an on/off toggle button lights up, making it convenient to see when it is ready to go. The Bodum Bistro burr grinder has twelve adjustable grind settings, ranging from espresso fine to french press coarse. You can rotate the upper container to check how fine your beans are grounded. Adjust the size of the ground according to your coffee or espresso preferences. A dial is also present that lets us set the grinding time up to 20 seconds.


The stainless steel burrs are super durable. A friction clutch in the grinder protects the grinding gear from small stones and getting damaged. To use the device for a more extended time, only grind for 15 to 20 seconds and do not leave the grinder running once it is empty. The other body of the Bodum grinder is made from plastic that is scratch-proof and smooth to touch without being glossy. However, the buttons and switches don’t feel durable.

Bodum Coffee Grinder

Ease Of Cleaning

Because of its simple design, cleaning this grinder is an easy task. The plastic hopper, glass catcher and Lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher or wash in warm, soapy water. The hopper can be removed and replaced with ease; it’s preferable to clean these after each usage. Make sure every part is thoroughly dry before reinstalling them.

To clean the steel burr, lift it out by its plastic casing and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Clean the inner burr from a narrow brush head or with firm bristles that can dig in and pull the last coffee grounds out. A kit of plastic handles keeps your grounds running smoothly through the burrs and into the static-proof grounds bin.


At this cost of Bodum Bistro, it’s tough to expect premium quality from any other grinder. It’s difficult to expect even a decent quality from a grinder at this cost. But Bodum provides you both excellent quality and an almost incompatible price. Any beginner will admit it as one hell of a deal, even after regularly using it for a year.

Final Verdict​

Do you prefer grinding your coffee by yourself and want a grinder on a budget? Then Bodum Bistro is a great grinder that consistently crushes your beans and is pocket-friendly. The pre-set timer allows users to extract the same amount of coffee needed, keeping the coffee fresh and preventing wastage.

If you stick to brewing techniques like French press, drip coffee, or even pour-over, this grinder can provide you a quick and uniform grind with every brew. By rotating the upper bean container, the variable grind settings can be modified from a coarse French press setting down to a fine ground for espresso, depending on the brewing method or personal taste.

The Bistro Electric Burr Grinder comes with a charming, static-free borosilicate glass container conveniently sits within the unit’s base to collect ground coffee during use and features a non-slip silicone band for secure handling. The static-free materials used in the Bistro will decrease the demand to clean frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. If I accidentally break the glass coffee catcher, What can I do?

If you break the glass coffee catcher, you can order another one from Bodum’s website. They and cheap and easily available. Or you can use the regular cup to catch the grounds until the replacement arrives.

2.How can we use the Bodom Burr Bistro grinder?

  • Plugin and press the start button.
  • There is an adjustable ring around the hopper. It contains 12 grind settings; choose according to your preference.
  • An adjustable timer allows you to control the grind duration.
  • Push the grind button and collect your fresh grounds.

3. How Long Does A Burr Grinder Last?

On average, if you use a burr coffee grinder regularly, it should last for 5 to 7 years.

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