Best Coffee For French Press – [January 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve

Stone Street Cold Brew Ground Coffee

2. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

If you just added a french press coffee maker to your home brewing, your first choice must be a real, delicious coffee. Like many of you, know coffee appears in all shapes, sizes, roasts, and origins. Also, it grows in different zones of the world in distinct climates and soil.

The French press is the entirety of the most popular ways to brew coffee with elegant brewing machines and some coffee. For novices, making french press might be challenging, especially when there are so many different roasts and finding out a great one from them. Using freshly ground or beans from a trusted brand will make your java choice delicious.

Preparing the french press will be very interesting, as it is one of the simplest brewing methods: grind the beans, add hot water, wait for a few minutes, and your drink is ready. What could be easier than this? With a built-in mesh filter, it extracts the richer flavor of the coffee. For that, you need a great coffee, either bean or ground.

So we’ve tested the Best Coffee for French Press and put them together on this list based on market research and customer review. Each coffee has a twisted flavor, quality, and more, so you can feel confident while choosing. And we highly recommend you to read our buying guide located below the article.

Top 10 French Press Coffee in 2021​

Coffee BeansRoast Level
Stone Street Coffee Dark
Death Wish Coffee Dark
Real Good Coffee Dark
Peets Coffee Dark
Bulletproof French Kick Dark
Peets Major Dickason Medium & Dark
Primos Coffee Medium
Koffee Kult Dark
Illy Ground Coffee Medium
Two Volcanoes Gourmet Guatemala Medium

Which are the Top 10 Best Coffee for French Press in 2021?​

1. Stone Street Ground Coffee​

Stone Street Cold Brew Ground Coffee
  • Less Acidic
  • Flavor Qualities
  • Dark Roast Level
  • Three Layer Foil
  • Crafted for French Press
  • 100% Colombian Supremo beans

The Stone Street Coffee Company roasts coffee in Brooklyn, NY since 2009. With a distinctive way to freshness in their every bean. They use refined handcraft techniques to create all the coffees with a rich and warm aroma. This Company is famous for its coffee beans and ground. They sourced these beans straight from the farms of Colombia, getting the very best from the root. They beautifully grind their beans to give smooth, less acidic coffee that won’t change your taste.

This Colombian Supremo ground yield a smooth, sweet, and sensible coffee flavor. It is dark baked with a well-balanced, bold flavor unique for french press. They are also known for their caramel, fruity and chocolaty notes around the world. However, it is not only agreed for the french press but also performed well with cold brewing.

Also, it comes in 3 layers of natural kraft resealable foil bag. You can close the bag after each use and provide top quality freshness to your coffee. It is a 1lb bag of 100% Arabica single-origin Colombian, which featured a dark baked and micronized ground for excellent extraction. One of the attractive features of this coffee is, whenever you open the bag, it seems like it have just been roasted.

2. Death Wish Coffee Ground ​

Death Wish Coffee
  • Bold, Dark Roast
  • Highly Caffeinated
  • World’s Powerful Coffee
  • 100% Colombian Supremo beans
  • Smooth, Never-Bitter Taste Notes
  • USDA Organic, and Fair Trade Certified

Death wish is associated with the world’s strongest coffee, which awakes your inner nihilist. It is created by using the most robust blend of beans and a classic roasting method.

Its name seems a little insane, but it is the best NY based Company that is responsible for sourcing beans loaded with caffeine that has been enhanced by a careful bean selection and roasting. They use no addictive caffeine in their blends, just use USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee beans.

With this, you will get a great, marvelous, and robust coffee without any addictive chemicals. The beans are carefully selected & roasted to give you that caffeine kick, bold kick, and aroma you need to start your day.

However, it is an ideal choice for french press method that makes it delicious. Enjoy the smooth, never bitter tongue with definite notes of cherry and chocolates.

Although, the Company takes the guarantee of their coffee and refunds you in full if it’s not the most robust coffee you’ve ever had.

3. Real Good Coffee 2 Pound Bag

Real Good best Coffee for french press
  • Extra Bold, Dark Roast
  • Premium Quality Arabica
  • Delicious French Roast Note
  • Works With All Coffee Brewers
  • Origin – Central and South America

This dark french roast is an excellent choice for any brewers or grinders. The Company uses USDA Certified Organic beans to give you enticing and exotic experience on your every sip. That’s why; this roast provides a bold, intoxicating kick that hits all the right notes of your tongue.

Coffee comes in a well-packed resealable foil bag to provide full-flavor as well as fresh roasted fragrant. These coffee beans make a refined and robust cup without any harsh tang. All the coffee seeds are made with premium-grade Arabica, originated from Central and South America.

However, the french basked coffee features rich whispers of raspberry and dark chocolate. Plus, an exotic hint of the Mediterranean relish anise. One thing to be noted is that baked coffee works with any coffee machine: drip, espresso, french press, Aeropress, pour-over, and even Moka pot.

4. Peet’s French Roast 20 ounce pack ​

Peet's French Roast Coffee
  • Dark Roast
  • 100% Arabica
  • Sealed with freshness
  • work with all Brewers
  • Delicious French Roast Note

If you love the ease of pre-ground coffee and save time from the ground, then go with Peet’s French roast coffee. This rich coffee comes from a longer, hotter roast, which not all beans can handle. It gives mouthwatering flavor notes like coffee-forward, wood smoke, and burnt caramel.

The Company is tirelessly working since 1966 to ensure the only highest quality of beans. Although they have 9 roasters, with an average tenure of over 13 years. The Company is dedicated artisans, in roasting each coffee individually, in small lots by hand, not by a computer.

With this, you can brew like the best and get the cafe quality vibe all in your home. All your brewing starts with finding the best one. We’ve listed this pre-grind coffee that gives you a flavorful, smooth, and aromatic cup of joe. However, Peet’s rich coffee character meets Intensely bold flavor and smoky overtones with a pleasant bite.

The Company selects the beans from Latin America for this french extra roast. At this height, the rich tone enhances by becoming denser, harder, flavorful, and allowing them to hold their boldness and complexity. It creates the mark tang of french coffee and well paired with cream and sugar.

5. Bulletproof French Kick Ground ​

Bulletproof French Kick Ground Coffee
  • Dark Roast
  • Antioxidant-Rich
  • Smoky and Smooth
  • Selected beans
  • Origin – Guatemala, and Colombia

The french Kick coffee is harvested in Central America from passive organic estates without chemicals. Each of the beans is selected by skilled coffee farmers that pick only perfectly mature berries.

However, the beans are dark cooked in small batches in the United States under the strictest states, which reduce the creation of toxins from the process. Last bulletproof strategy, optimize each step to give you a satisfying coffee cup with a minimized level of performance-robbing elements.

If you love the time-saving service, then Bulletproof coffee comes with all the bean’s purities. This delicious roast blend comes in a smooth and sweet tone and a hint of a smoky aroma with baking chocolate notes that ends every clean and has a medium body.

All the beans undergo lab testing to verify that coffee matches the Company’s quality and purity standards.

6. Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend​

Peet's Major Dickason Blend
  • Dark Roast
  • 100% Arabica
  • Sealed with Freshness
  • Rich, Complex, and Full-bodied

The Alfred Peet began the American Coffee revolution over 50 years ago in Berkeley, CA. The Company believes that fresh beans make a great cup of coffee. Major Dickason’s Blend is the best coffee for a french press on Amazon, and its bold roast full body comes with smoky and full of complex flavor. It is designed to help the user to get the best for their mornings. However, it delivers the best caffeine strength that a person requires to start their day.

Major Dickson’s is a flavorful coffee with multi-layer flavor and complex notes. From the start, the Company has roasted the best coffee beans to give the best quality for every coffee lover. It is the world’s finest hand-baked coffee in small groups for the most potent and flavorful cups.

It provides a delicious feel and can be used with any machine like a drip machine, Moka pot, and superb with a French press to experience the rich flavor profile, with spicy, and complex notes.

7. Primos Specialty Coffee​

Primos Specialty Coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Hand-Picked
  • Low Acidity and Mild
  • Premium Arabica Beans
  • Smooth, sweet with citrus notes
  • European Prepared & Naturally dried

The Primos is the best coffee for French press, indeed high grown beans from the farms in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. It raises them beautifully, which creates the ultimate sweet and citrus tang. The Primos Company never blends their coffee with others and keep its unique qualities alive.

Each of the ripe berries is selected individually by the experts. The berries are wetly milled washed and kept for natural drying in the fresh air, under the bright sun. Finally, all the dried beans are exported in the drum and roasted in the minute batches to develop the medium-bodied profile.

However, the medium roast is also known as a regular roast. The medium roast coffee always comes with a medium body, low bitterness, and smoothness on your tongue. After the roasting, the coarse grind coffee comes in a resealable bag that keeps the aroma of coffee fresh every time you open it.

Also, the grounds perform perfectly for long-brewing and suitable for French press and drip machines. It is designed not to be over harsh on the stomach and provides a smooth and easy drink.

8. Koffee Kult Coffee Beans​

Koffee Kult Best Coffee For French Press
  • 32 ounces
  • Dark Roast
  • Hand Package
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Delicious Flavor Notes
  • Origin – Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra

Here are the dark roast coffee beans that most of the French press lover seems to have. It consists of 100 % Arabica, obtained from the Brazile, Colombia, and Sumatra, making the best dark coffee. Due to these countries’ unique mood, the drink has a touch of spices with notes of tropical and citrus fruits.

These exotic raw beans from different parts of the world are blended into specifically baked coffee. There are many types of coffee seeds, but the Company uses the best organic for their customers.

All the processes are done with care, each of the roasted beans is fully verified, and the burnt one is removed before packing it. Koffee Kult is also known for its best customer service.

They know that the rich aroma and exact taste of the coffee present only when it is fresh no matter what. Overall, they worked hard and packed the fresh coffee, which seems like you’ve achieved the coffee immediately from the plantation.

9. illy Ground Coffee ​

illy ground coffee
  • 8.8 ounces
  • Medium Roast
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Authentic Italian coffee
  • Delicious Flavor Notes

Experience the real, rich, and smooth Italian coffee taste by illy’s Medium Roast powder coffee. A blend of nine different superior arabica beans comes with a balanced bites and notes of caramel and chocolate. It uses an exclusive process to pack their quality in an air-free, pressurized can sealed with the refined aroma and oils. The Company is working for over 25 years ago, and they still believe in elite berries to deliver you a fresh taste coffee cup.

This medium roast product contains 1.5% caffeine, which allows you to enjoy refined coffee. Its unique packaging will enable you to maintain the odor of coffee throughout life. However, brewing java with auto-drip and the french press is the most common preparation method. On the other hand, the illy coarse ground gives the optimal extractions with drip makers and French presses.

10. Two Volcanoes Gourmet Guatemala​

Two Volcanoes Gourmet Guatemala
  • Medium Roast
  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Roasted in small batches
  • Flavorful & Aromatic
  • Smooth taste notes

This single-origin coffee grows at the base of Two Volcanoes in Guatemala. The beans get the rich mineral and enhance the quality and smell of each bean, even before roasting. The small-batch roasting ensures that each bean is of superior quality and brings out the best possible essence in each set.

It gives the full-body, medium roast, and smooth taste, with no bitterness, that some coffee leaves. This single-origin coffee wakes up the best possible taste on your bud with an explosion of tang.

However, it is a superb product to have that increase the craving with its smooth taste and delightful aroma. You can even add it as part of your morning routine or perfect for after the dinner. Also, share its reliable flavor with friends or family when they come over.

The Company is best at preserving the taste as long as possible in each bag with a built-in degassing valve. It ensures that only natural gas will go out, but not in. Enjoy, making a hot or cold brew with the french press or other machines.

How to make a Coffee with French Press?

A French press is a portable kitchen appliance where you can easily and quickly make an aromatic java or tea. It allows you to use the best ground beans. It is the simplest coffee maker that even a novice can use it. Here are some points on how to use a french press in simple steps:

  • Heat

Preheat the water and fill the press with hot water from the pot. Whether you have a glass or stainless steel carafe, this step will make the coffee maker stay warm during the entire process. Temperature is the main key to reaching the right temp, bringing the water to a boil, and then coming for 30 seconds.

  • Add Ground Coffee

Whatever coffee you’ve chosen to brew, now its time to add them to your carafe. Always remember to measure it. Measure out the coffee according to your need or cups you want. Tip – Put the 2 tablespoons of ground beans for 1 cup of water 8 fl oz. Although you can measure the water in your measuring cup as well. And other than this, you can go with your coffee recipe. Just make sure to keep the consistency the same as for coffee scoop.

  • Bloom & Pour

Grab your seat everyone, its time to start the magic. Add the coffee powder, discard the hot water, and place the press on your scale. Set the time and pour enough water to saturate the ground. Pro-tip – the secret of perfect coffee is the right ratio of coffee to water. Give your maker a quick swirl, and then wait for 30seconds and then resume again.

  • Press

Place the lid on the press, press plunger down until the grounds get collected on the bottom. Instead of pushing it harder, press in more gently to get the best extraction. This is part of the fun you can do at your home. Tip – Pressing halfway keeps the ground fully saturated, enabling even extraction. Slowly lower the mesh filter piston and repeat the process up down until your coffee gets ready.

  • Enjoy

Once you are done with the upper part, pour the hot coffee from the french into your cup or travel mug. See the time and after 4 minutes, press the plunger to the bottom and enjoy the delicious flavor of your favorite coffee.. If in case you have any leftover in the jar, put it in a cup or kettle and stick it in the fridge. For that, now you can have iced coffee too when you return home.

Most Popular Coffee Brands For French Press​

  • Bulletproof
  • Death Wish
  • Primos Coffee Co
  • Illy
  • Koffee Kult
  • Peet’s
  • Real Good
  • Stone Street
  • Two Volcanoes Coffee

How to choose a Coffee For French Press?

How to choose the Best Coffee For French Press

Deciding on which coffee you should buy for your press can be challenging for you and many coffee drinkers. There are various brands in the market with beans and powder coffee or with different types of roasts. As for your help, here are a few vital tips you should view before making a purchase.

  • Know your Preference

There are only two broad types of popular coffee beans available in the market today – Arabica and Robusta. If it makes you confused, here we’re to erase this mess and help you pick what you want. The Arabica grows in the high altitudes and is known for its smooth, slightly acidic taste.

On the other hand, Robusta grows in lower altitudes and sees a stronger and more intense taste. From this, you might get some idea that Arabica is rated as a high-grade bean and often used by many brands compared to Robusta.

So if you tend to have a sweeter, softer taste, tone of sugar, fruit, or berries go with Arabica. However, their sharpness is higher, which gives the winey tang that identifies a coffee with excellent acidity. In case you want a more robust, harsher taste or a peanutty aftertaste feel run with Robusta. Simple is that everything depends on your likes and flavor.

  • Caffeine Content

First, decide how much caffeine do you want in your coffee. However, most people think dark roasted coffee beans contain higher caffeine levels than those with light or medium roasts. But, the lightly roasted beans have the highest level of caffeine from other medium and dark.

Whereas Espresso beans favor being in the medium roast area, if you are looking to increase your caffeine intake, go for a medium-light roast. And the medium-dark will offer some great kicks.

And for the french press, fans favor a medium roast or a dark roast. Overall personal liking is the major sign in which and how many cups of coffee fit a person’s taste.

  • Always Check the Roast Date

It is vital that whenever you buy a roasted coffee bag, check for the roast date on the label. It gives you an idea of how many days have passed since the beans, just how we review the expiry date of any product.

Whether you buy whole beans or coffee ground check the date and be used within a month of the roasted date, so buy a coffee that’s been roasted within the past month. Overall, the more recent the date, the better it would be. Coffee leads to top in flavor about 7 to 10 days.

  • Pick your Taste

Are you like us who want their first cup to be delicious. With this, it is essential to see that an ethical coffee cup will always depend on your own choice. Investing in the wrong product may hurt you. Most of the companies name their coffees as a flavorful taste, which means it consists of real and superior quality of balanced sweetness and acidity.

Moreover, trying with a new flavor is not so bad, it is some like finding you, new coffee companion. Set up out of your comfort zone and add a unique flavor to your older list. If you like to have a smooth taste with diverse sharpness, go for dry, light-colored beans. It will give no sharp taste and have been roasted for a shorter period.

Or if for a more robust flavor, then buy that, who have been burned for a more extended period. These seeds point to be shiny with a bold look. So it is vital also to see the texture, and mostly it should be full-flavored and never wet.

  • Health Benefits

There are some reliable ideas to drink coffee, and there are some reasons not to. Here are some valid reasons for those that are looking for some motivation to keep drinking it.

  1. Two cups of joe can cut the post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.
  2. It increases fiber intake.
  3. Protect against the cirrhosis of the liver
  4. It lowered the risk for skin cancer, reduced heart disease, the chance of two diabetes, and brain disorders, such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. It also reduces the risk of suicide and depression.
  6. Protect against Parkinson’s
  7. The coffee caffeinator has more vital DNA.
  8. Adding black coffee to your schedule will prevent cavities.
  • Some Harms
  1. Bad group coffee can be lethal, which creates, sickness, headache, or other bad feelings.
  2. Drinking 80-100 cups (23 liters) can kill you.
  3. Coffee can cause insomnia and anxiety.
  4. It contains cafestol and kahweol that seems to boost the LDL cholesterol level.
  5. 5-7-year-old kids may develop enuresis, a.k.a bedwetting.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What roast level should I use for my French press?

Probably, you can use any beans in your french press. Though, most coffee lovers favor a medium or dark roast for their press. Because, these roasts retain the most oils, heading to better taste and flavorful coffee.

2. Which coffee has the most caffeine?

In our list, the Death Wish is one of the world’s most robust coffee and highly caffeinated. They use no addictive caffeine in their mixtures, just use USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee beans. However, the light roasted is viewed as more caffeinated if you rank by the scoop. Or if you count out your spoons, darker will have more caffeine, because of less size.

3. How much of ground do I put in a 4 cup in french press?

Add a heaping 4-5 tablespoon (27 grams), with 430 ml water, plus additional for pre-heating.

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