Best Coffee Grinder Under $100 – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Ariete Delonghi Grinder

Ariete Delonghi Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

2. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for the grinder for home or office under $100?

Then you’re in the right place.

You may get shocked to know that various top-rated products cost hundreds of dollars. They are a great choice on a budget.

Coffee grinders are one of the simple and easy ways to make freshly ground coffee. They will help you to make the perfect cup of brew every time. Moreover, the coffee tastes fresher and flavourful.

Choosing the right product becomes a tough job today. There are a lot of brands available in the market. So, it gets confusing to make the right decision.

We have prepared a list of Best Coffee Grinder in 2021  based on Customer Reviews and our Market Research.

We highly recommend you to read our buying-guide located towards the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Coffee Grinders Under $100 in 2021​

Coffee GrinderCapacityType
Ariete Delonghi Coffee Grinder 13.33 ozElectric
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder 1.41 ozManual
Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder 8.8 ozElectric
Cuisinart Supreme Grind 7 ozElectric
Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder 2.11 ozManual
Hamilton Beach Grinder 4.5 ozManual
KRUPS 8000035978 GX5000 7 ozElectric
KRUPS GX550850 8 ozElectric
Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill 3.52 ozManual
Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder 7.75 ozElectric

Which are the Top 10 Best Coffee Grinder Under $100 in 2021?

1. Ariete Delonghi Grinder​

Ariete Delonghi Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
Bean Hopper Capacity13.33 oz/378 gr
Ground Coffee Container6.5 oz/194 gr
Burr TypeHeavy Duty Conical
Grind Settings15(fine or coarse)
MaterialStainless Steel base, Plastic compartments
Extra FeaturesUltra-quick, Compact design, Removable parts, Easy to clean

Now experience the definition of flavor in its purest form with this grinder. It is a little yet powerful device for grinding your beans never like before. It is one of the handy devices that allow you to brew the freshest and best tasting.

It is the heavy-duty and smart grinder. It is a quick and effective way to grind your own beans for your entire family and friends. With the push of a button, it is easy-to-operate. It gives you the quality that you can taste. Other than that, it comes with the automatic-locking bean hopper. It can be removed easily with the coffee-beans without spilling. It is a useful storage-place or cool location for storing-the-beans.

It is one of the most trusted electric grinders that allow you to choose your grinding-time according to the cups that you needed. There’s a separate time for each grind volume selected. So, it comes with a useful table sheet that guides you with the timing for your needs. Moreover, it comes with a Start-and-Stop button. If you need less ground-coffee, then you can stop the unit in just 10-seconds.

It is sleek that will complement any decor. Without clashing with your kitchen decor, it can add a touch of elegance. Besides, it is compact that makes it best for any environment. It comes with high-grade quality. This grinder is ETL certified which makes it a reliable and efficient appliance. Buy this today and makes a difference.

Key Features

  • It needs 120V of power-supply.
  • It is 14-inches high, 9-inches deep, and 5-inches wide.
  • The cord-length is 38-inches.
  • It comes with the bean hopper that can hold up to 13.33 oz/378gram-beans.
  • It comes with a container that can carry 6.5 oz/194 gram ground-coffee.
  • It has a stainless steel base and plastic housing compartments.
  • It has 15-grind settings so that you can choose from fine-to-coarse.
  • It comes with the best burr conical disc for the ultra-fine grind.
  • It has a one year warranty.

The Good

  • It is fit for Turkish coffee.
  • It is ultra-quick and provides quiet operation to the coffee maker.
  • It comes with easy-to-remove parts that make it easy to clean.
  • The brand provides a friendly team of support services for there customers in case of product-related queries or issues.

2. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder​

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
Grinder Selector18 click settings
MaterialBrushed Stainless steel
Burr TypeCeramic control
Best ForAeropress, Drip Coffee, Espresso, French Press, Turkish Brew
Extra FeaturesConveient & Easy to use, Removable hand crank, Stainless steel blades

Now grind for any brew with this machine. It has everything that makes happy mornings and none of its functionalities makes you feel unwelcome. Your morning mind will awake with focus and calm. The aromas slowly release into your nostrils to provides you eccentric sensory-experience. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy everything from Espresso Coffee to French Press to Turkish brew. It creates a gateway for everyday joy and gives a meaningful escape from life stresses.

It is one of the top grinders that produce the fine coffee grounds from the whole coffee beans for the flavorful cup. You can take in arms the meditative ritual of grinding coffee by hand. It can take some elbow grease, but it’s very rewarding. Your muscles will slowly become stronger with increased endurance. Moreover, it assures that you have 100%-precision control over the coarseness of your beans.

It is designed to deliver the extraordinary daily experience to the coffee maker. It comes with the high-grade quality that makes it more enduring and reliable. With the small and lightweight composition, you can carry it anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it is available at a low price (20-30-dollars). It is cheaper than any powerful model but works much better.

There is no need for batteries or long cords to run this machine. It allows you to make the best appetizer wherever you’re in the world. The machine is well tested through three professional grade inspections. With the stringent quality checks, it can ensure that it lasts 5x’s longer. Moreover, it comes with a unique code to redeem a free bag of coffee.

Key Features

  • Its dimensions are 1.8 x 1.8 x 7.5 inch and weight is 9.4 ounces.
  • It allows you to grind any brew from the coarse, medium, or fine.
  • It comes with the built-in adjustable grind selector and over 18 click settings so you can make a good cup of java of your choice.
  • It comes with the easy-to-use and hand-crank mechanism.
  • It reduces over 90% of the noise that the voltaic machine produces.
  • It comes with the ceramic burr assembly and the patent-pending locking mechanism for enhanced consistency.

The Good

  • It is portable which makes it the best holiday gift.
  • It takes less space and requires less maintenance.
  • It is the ideal option for beginners.

3. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder​

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Technical Specifications
Bean Hopper Capacity8.8 ounce
Ground Coffee Container4 ounce
Burr TypeSolid steel Conical
Grind Settings16(ultrafine Turkish to French Press coarse)
MaterialABS Plastic
Power1000 watts, 120 volts, 60 hz
Extra FeaturesRemovable parts, Commercial quality burrs, Easy to clean

Enjoy maximum flavor retention with this grinder. Nothing can beat the infinity conical best burr grinder series as it comes with an elegant, timeless, and user-friendly design. It is smooth as butter, makes a beautiful melody as you effortlessly grind, and never disappoints you. So, grab this for the next camping trip. It is best for grinding large quantities of beans for a coffee-drinking crowd.

Now accuracy meets affordability with the Eparé Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee. It is one of the affordable grinding machines. With the low-cost, it will not burden on your pocket. It is the lowest conical-burr grinder that gives the highest exactness grinding. For the slowest grinding action, it comes with the multiple-gear motor. It grinds slow with the reduced noise and static build-up.

The Capresso Infinity best conical Burr Coffee Grinder can help you to prepare your favorite style of coffee. It gives perfect consistency for coffee every time. Other than that, it is best for those who want the quality and chic grinder on the go. It has a total of 16 settings – four each in the four categories of extra-fine, fine, regular and coarse. Moreover, it comes with the finest setting for Turkish coffee that is the rear feature to find out in any unit.

This model comes with the exceptional conical-burr that’s made of steel. To preserve coffee flavor, it can slow down the gear a bit, reduces the amount of friction-and-heat. This conical burr coffee grinders comes with the built-in timer sets that can be set-to-grind from 5 to 60 seconds. So, you can away without having to press a button continuously.

Key Features

  • The product-dimensions are 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8inches.
  • It comes with a 4-pounds load that makes it lightweight.
  • It has an ABS-plastic black body with a safety lock.
  • It has clearly-marked fineness-settings and high-level cutting-design for high-precision grinding.
  • It comes with the commercial-grade conical steel burrs, gear-reduction motor, and removable upper-conical-burr.
  • It comes with a tight-fitting grounds container that has a large capacity.
  • It holds up to 4 oz. of ground coffee.
  • It comes with the average grind size see-through container that holds up to 8.8oz-beans.
  • It comes with the dense duty zinc die-cast-housing.
  • It allows you to lift off the bean vessel and upper-burr for the cleaning.
  • It is easy-to-hold in hand or against the countertop.

The Good

  • It is safe-to-use and easy to clean-up.
  • It comes with coffee containers that you can remove.
  • It is well-built with new and advanced technology.
  • It guarantees precision-grinding and preserves aroma.
  • These grinders include the brush for easy cleaning and measuring scoop.

4. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill​

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Technical Specifications
Bean Hopper Capacity8 ounce
Ground Coffee Container5.7 oz
Burr TypeSolid steel Conical
Grind Settings4 to 18
MaterialStainless steel
Power1000 watts, 120 volts, 60 hz
Extra FeaturesUltra fast, Removable parts, Automatic shutoff

Now discover the difference that freshly ground coffee makes to your coffee with this machine. It comes with different extraction levels to grind the beans. It grinds enough coffee-beans to make 4 to 18 cups of joe . Moreover, it consistently ground-the-beans to the right grade. It maximizes flavors and aromas for the delicious cup of java.

It is the best blend of performance, superior quality, and premium composition. It is well built with stainless steel that makes it long-lasting for long life. With the classy-design, it matches with any modern decor. In terms of portability, you can transport it easily from one place to another.

It comes with an automatic stop feature. With the digital timer, it auto shuts off the machine when the grinding process is complete. Moreover, it comes with a removable-chamber that can keep the remaining grounds.

Key Features

  • The machine-weight is 4.5-pounds and the length of the cord is 34-inches.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty motor that provides uniform grinding.
  • It gives enough amount of coffee for 32-cups and retains the optimum flavor of coffee beans.
  • It comes with elegant stainless steel styling and storage for the cord.
  • It comes with the 4 to 18-cup slide dial and 18 position grind selector from ultra-fine to the extra coarse.

The Good

  • It is BPA Free and comes with airtight storage.
  • It has a one-touch power bar.
  • Its box includes a cleaning-brush and scoop.
  • It comes with the removable hopper that’s capacity is 8 oz.

5. Eparé Manual Grinder​

Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
Bean Hopper Capacity60 gr
Burr Type40mm ceramic burr
Grind Settings15
MaterialStainless steel
Weight21 oz
Extra FeaturesEasy to clean, Perfect for travel, Easy to remove parts

It lets you prepare any grind of style with consistency. You can grind for AeroPress, Pour Over, Chemex, Cold Brew, and French-Press. With the balanced grinder mechanism, it assures consistency. Moreover, it comes with the grind levels that are comparable to expensive magnetic grinders.

There is no need for nuts and bolts to load the hand grinder as it comes with the easy-to-load hopper. It is capable-to-hold 60 grams of coffee beans. Just remove the magnetic handle, pop off the lid, and load with ease.

It is well-made with high-quality stainless steel that makes it more strong and long-running. Moreover, it will never rust or dull as it is rust-resistant. It comes with an ergonomic design that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand.

For easy grinding, it grinds smoothly so, that you can use the machine for an extended period. For effortless cleaning, it allows you to unscrew the bottom nut to rinse with warm water. Thus, it is worth value items for camping, hiking and much more.

Key Features

  • The product-weight is 1.31-pounds.
  • It comes with a 40 mm ceramic best burr and 15 adjustable settings so that you can set a specific-grind for your brew.
  • It has preset settings that take you to well-made espresso to chunky french-press.
  • It has a sticky base that grips firmly to your counter or any porous surface.
  • It comes with a wide-hopper for holding up to 60 grams of your favorite coffee beans.

The Good

  • It is super simple to clean with water.
  • It is portable.
  • It comes with the gripping pad that will keep the grinder in place.

6. Hamilton Beach Electric Grinder​

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
OperationOn/Off Button
Power120 Volts, 60 Hz, 125 Watts
MaterialStainless steel
Cup Capacity12
Extra FeaturesCompact, Easy to travel, Cord storage

Now the pursuit of perfection in the coffee-making ends with this modern grinding machine. It is a quiet yet powerful machine for coffee makers that brings a comfortable user-experience. It is the active grinder that performs uniform and rapid grinding. Moreover, it is the safest and most durable tool. It safely grinds the beans with the impressive speed that makes it worth for money.

Whether its early morning or late at night, it helps to make the good cup-of-coffee. It can grind coffee grains without making any noise. You can grind up to nine tablespoons of beans to make the 12-cups of coffee brews. It gives the correct amount of coffee powder to use in brew or espresso. In fact, it is a versatile grinder that allows you to grind coffee-beans as well as spices.

It is one of the most high-speed electric grinders we tested. This model is well-made to grinding in a matter of just a few minutes. With the simple touch of a button, this chic grinder effortlessly beats its competition. It is ideal for precise grinding. It gives the exact-texture that you want every time. It comes with the well-defined fineness-settings that produce excellent results. With its silent-operation, you surely don’t have to worry about waking anyone. Besides, it comes with a built-in scale and clear cup markings. It guarantees the exact measuring and avoids wastage of your ingredients.

For easier washing and dishwasher cleanup, it allows you to removes the chamber. For the easy-storage, it comes with the hideaway cords. There is hidden cord-storage at the base for convenience. So, you can neatly store the cord or keep it out of sight when not in use. Furthermore, it is one of the most inexpensive products available. Thus, it is a fantastic gift idea for coffee lovers.

Key Features

  • It has a circle shape and a black colored body.
  • It has a dimension of 7.87 x 4.49 x 4.25 inches and a weight of 1.55 pounds.
  • It has the capacity of 12-cups and gives easier filling of beans and spices with the removable grinding-chamber.
  • It is well-made with premium build quality elements that make it strong in the long run.
  • It has an On/Off button to delivers the beans to the preferred level of fineness.
  • It has see-through-lid that allows you to monitor grinding-process.
  • It comes with sharp stainless steel blades and automatic shut off function.
  • It comes with the various settings that allow you to change the setting of your choice.
  • It instantly grinds coffee beans with a powerful motor.

The Good

  • It is multipurpose, portable and compact.
  • It prevents the coffee powder from splashing and provides you exact-texture of the grind.
  • It is fast to engage and offers a hand-free-operation to the coffee maker for effortless usage.
  • It is the small-counter yet fast to engage grinding-machine.

7. KRUPS 8000035978 GX5000 Professional Electric Burr Grinder​

Krups Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
MaterialStrong Plastic
Power Rate120 V
Grind Level9 total
Bean hopper Capacity8 oz
Speed Setting45
Extra featuresMetallic flat burr, Adjust fineness level, Removable top burr, Easy to clean housing

Now Enjoy the Perfectly Balanced Cup every morning with this KRUPS GX5000. For the better-tasting coffee, try brewing your coffee by grinding-fresh instead of buying pre-ground coffee. It is one of the multi-purpose devices that will grind both coffee-beans and spices. It keeps the item-fresh without losing any flavor.

It is one of the most robust grinders available in the world. It is a powerful grinder that grinds quickly and efficiently. With the Metallic Flat Burr, it promises the best grinding results. Further, it comes with the Burr Mill System. It avoids overheating, locks essential oils, and preserves aroma. For precisely grinding operations, it is well-built with the fineness-selector.

It comes with the 45-speed settings that are divided into 9-steps for a higher controllable-texture. Moreover, it has nine grind levels and five intermediary steps so that you can change the fineness-level for any coffee-type from first class (espresso) to coarse (French press). For security reasons, it will not work if the seed container and lid are not in place.

It is the best combo of bold-design and sleek looking that adds a style of statement. It comes with a high-quality standard and craftsmanship. For effortless cleaning, it comes with the detachable burr-part. Its package also carries a brush for cleaning. It comes with convenient functions that make it is a useful addition to any kitchen.

Key Features

  • The grinder-dimensions are 4.3 x 7.2 x 10.4 inches.
  • Its energy consumption is 110W.
  • It has a lid to preserve freshness and flavor.
  • It comes with the flat disc burrs blades and a bowl that’s made of plastic.
  • It has a black color body with a metal finish.
  • It has a large capacity as it comes with the 8 oz. clear bean-container.
  • It comes with the quantity-selector from 2-to-12-cups, so you just grind the quantity that you need.
  • It has auto-stop functionality for safety.
  • It has two years warranty.

The Good

  • It provides a rich full-bodied flavor to the coffee drinker.
  • It allows you to grind the accurate-quantity that you need.
  • It comes with a detachable 15oz-container.
  • It is reasonable.

8. KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder

Krups Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
Grind Settings12
Bean Hopper Capacity8 oz
MaterialABS Plastic
Burr TypeMetallic flat burr
Cup Quality30-32 cups
Extra FeaturesCustomize cup option, Removable top burr, Effortless cleaning, One touch operation, Auto-stop feature

Explore an array of freshest coffee aromas with this machine. It is the beautiful kitchen accessory for those who love convenience at their fingertips. If you choose to grind coffee or store coffee-beans, it is the most suited machine for doing so. Moreover, it is best for coffee lovers who elevated the taste of freshly roasted beans. It is the precise and an elegant grinder that makes the best ground-coffee.

It lets you fine-tune your coffee for every coffee brewing methods It comes with the 33% greater grinding range to provides grinding for all coffee brewing methods. With the extra fineness-settings, it allows you to adjust the fineness-level for any kind of coffee. You can grind for Pour Over, French-Press, Espresso Coffee, Drip Coffee, and much more.

It is one of the coffee grinders that come with the details that make the differences. It is a great machine that is a pleasure to use and delight your loved ones. It is well-designed coffee equipment by keeping passion and perfection in mind. Furthermore, the high quality of standards has been set to make this machine. It is well-made with the high-grade quality element that makes it robust.

Due to its noiseless operation, you’ll never wake anyone up while grinding-process. It automatically grinds and stops at the chosen amount. Choose the number of cups, press the button, and your job is done. For easier-cleaning, it comes with the detachable top-burr and brush. Thus, it’s the perfect grinder for all your coffee-needs.

Key Features

  • The grinder-weight is 4.85 pounds that make it light enough to take it anywhere.
  • It supports the production of 30 to 32 cups of coffee.
  • It has the micro-adjustments to fully extract the flavor and 12 settings from fine to coarse grinds.
  • It comes with an 8oz hopper and a large capacity ground container.
  • It comes with flat metal disc burrs for complete control over the grind dimensions.
  • It has the On/Off buttons with the auto-stop function.
  • It comes with the 2 to 12 cup selector to set the amount-of-beans to grind.

The Good

  • It is easy-to-clean.
  • It assures consistent grinds and uniformly sized grounds.
  • It can store-the-beans for the next-time and keeps them flavourful.
  • It gives the one-touch-operation and the exact quantity that you need for coffee each time.

9. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill-Skerton

Hario best coffee grinder

Technical Specifications
Grinder AdjustmentYes
MaterialGlass & Stainless Steel
Burr TypeCeramic conical
Hopper coverAnti-slip, Silicone rubberGrip
Extra FeaturesHeatproof glass, Locking screw, Detachable handle

This coffee mill has been designed by the Japanese company for coffee enthusiasts. It is an inexpensive way to get the best ground coffee. It grinds as per your desired taste. Moreover, it provides a better tasting than charge ones.

With the longer handle, it assures a fast grinding-time. It comes with a full range of grind extents and smoother adjustments. You can use it for any brew method from french press to espresso. Besides, it comes with tough glassware. It is a glass-receptacle that makes it a great device in taking note of a ground coffee’s dry fragrance.

Other than that, it comes with the burr that’s made of ceramic. It is one of the most reliable coffee grinders that shaves coffee-beans rather than cracks. It assures consistent grinding without producing the heat that can destroy the coffee delicate essential oil.

It is the entry-level grinder. For those who have little storage spaces or money, it is one of the most economical alternatives to the blade grinder. For comfortable travel, it comes with a compact design. With the light load, you can carry it comfortably anywhere. It comes with the good and modern looks that make it attractive. Thus, it is an excellent piece of the item for multiple uses.

Key Features

  • It comes with a clear glass bowl that can hold 100 grams of ground coffee.
  • It comes with the conical burrs that will constantly yield an even grind, especially for espresso.
  • It has a non-slip rubber base that keeps the mill in one place while the grinding-process.
  • It provides a more consistent grind that can be adjusted and set for repeat use.

The Good

  • It is a versatile entry-level grinder with an ergonomic removable-handle.
  • It is dishwasher-safe, easy to assemble and use, and gives compact-storage.
  • It comes with durable ceramic burrs that don’t heat beans.

10. Bodum Bistro Burr Electronic Grinder​

Bodum Bistro Burr Electronic Coffee Grinder

Technical Specifications
Grind Settings12 (from espresso to french press)
Bean Hopper Capacity7.75 oz
MaterialBorosilicate glass
Burr TypeStainless steel conical burrs
OperationPush button with pre-set timer
Extra FeaturesDishwasher safe, Adjustable grind settings, Tough hosuing, effortless cleaning

It is the premier grinder. It is well made with glass, steel, rubber, and silicone. It comes with high-grade material that makes it strong and long-lived. With the compact-size, it needs less space at the counter. It also comes with an attractive-design for adding charm in the kitchens.

This smart grinder is continuously adjustable as it comes with adjustable settings. You can twist the upper container to check how finely ground the beans will be. Other than that, it comes with the variable grind setting. Depending on your coffee taste, you can adjust the settings from Coarse to Fine. It is one of the best grinders for any brewing method.

The good reason to buy this unit is that it comes with the dishwasher safe parts. It comes with a static-free borosilicate glass-container. It has a rubberized grip to catch and safely transfers the beans. Furthermore, it also prevents the jumping of coffee grounds. There is a silicone band around the grinder-body. It prevents slipping by giving a firm grip.

It comes with the best burrs in conical shape. It crushes the coffee-beans rather than chopping them. Moreover, it prevents the coffee from losing its taste. It comes with a multi-function-lid for a hopper that provides a built-in measuring-guide or scale. Just line up the grind size and type of your brew. Adjust your ideal grind setting and time, and it will assure the best grind.

Key Features

  • It comes with a stainless steel conical-burr that continually crushing coffee-beans between the burrs.
  • It preserves the bean’s original flavor better than a blade grinder.
  • It comes with the push button and the pre-set timer.
  • It allows the user to grind the exact amount of coffee needed.
  • It comes with 12 adjustable grind settings that allow the user to go from espresso to french press.
  • It is equipped with a friction-clutch. It protects the grinding-gear from the presence of small stones.
  • It keeps 7.75 ounces of beans freshest for a long time.

The Good

  • It comes with strong blades for a consistent-grind.
  • It prevents wastage and provides low noise while grinding.

Popular Coffee Grinder Brands​

  • Bodum
  • Capresso
  • Cuisinart
  • DeLonghi Ariete
  • eparé
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Hario
  • JavaPresse

How to choose the Best Coffee Grinder?​

The shopping of the right grinder may exhaust you. There are a lot of new options available in the market to choose from wherever you look. It becomes challenging to buy the right grinder. So, in this section of the article, we have mentioned some points and provide some advice or tips on how to shop for grinders. We have put together all the information to show you how to select the conical burr coffee grinder that most suits your needs.

After we considered all these factors then we’ve made final decisions to form our top picks.

You can review these points or tips to make your selection task simpler.

Finding the right grinder is usually a matter of personal choice and benefits. We grind two or more times a day from there we can determine the average optimal yield. So weigh your needs carefully before buying the grinder.

  • Budget

It is an important point that you can consider. There’s a general rule in the coffee market, price = quality.

If you want to enjoy new things or looking for distinct-tastes instead of being stuck on certain ingredients, and, if you want a greater range of options and willing to pay more, then you should go for the top models. They give consistent results for everything that you want from Filter Coffee to French Press to Espresso.

There are various affordable models available for the budget-conscious people. They come with the stylish-design, easy-to-use settings, and grind the grains the way you want. And, won’t break the piggy bank.

However, if you have budget-limitations, then the top-ranked or most costly one is not necessarily good for you. You can go to lower-ranked or cheap models. If you use the same coffee-grind setting, then it might be better for you.

  • Cleaning

The great grinders come with a sweeping brush. Preferably, it comes with an unbroken wood handle or natural bristles.

  • Manual Versus Electric

The Budget is the primary consideration when choosing between the manual and automatic.

The first step to picking the right grinder is, to be honest with yourself. You have to decide how much time-and-effort you’re willing to putting into making a perfect cup of joe.

Are you dedicated enough to faces the demands of the manual burr coffee grinders? Or you want the ease of electric-one?

1. Handy Grinder – This type of coffee-grinder is a tiny machine. It comes with a small hopper or basket for storing beans and burrs for grinding. There is a collection-chamber beneath for collecting the coffee-ground. Its every component is connected via a single-rod that connects the handle and turns the burrs. They use manual energy as they sound. It requires more muscle work. In the manual coffee grinder, you crank the swivel arm continues to rotate the burrs, and crush beans. The output that you are obtained mainly depends on how much energy and effort that you are put in. The coarse grind requires less energy and comes out quickly. However, if you want the fine grounds, then you need to spend more time grinding to the required level.

Most of the grinders are operated with one hand while another hand is used to crank. These grinders come with an ergonomic design. They make grinding more quiet and manageable. Moreover, these grinders are more sturdy than voltaic ones. They are sure to be last for many years. So, these grinders will be your long term investment. The more grind settings or functionalities, the larger the price. Manual machines tend to be small. If portability is your primary consideration, then it’s best to go for the manual ones.

2. Electric Grinder – They are well-made with solid built quality. These grinders are extremely efficient and convenient for quick grinding. In general, they are made for saving your time-and-effort in weighing-the-beans. One of the benefits of these grinders is convenience. However, it has one drawback that it is quite expensive. But they are fast to use. You just have to fill the hopper with the beans. Choose the suitable grind quantity and press the button. It will give you a fresh-ground-coffee within a matter of a few seconds.

Most of the high-end power-machines come with the 40 grind settings. With so many options, you can go for espresso, cappuccino, or to french press. They will help you to achieve the best cup of coffee the way you like. These machines are better for coffee shops that serve a hundred cups every day with different preferences. On the other side, these grinders produce a lot of noise that is not good for the family setting.

  • Conclusion

If you are the Espresso drinker, want fine consistency, and looking for a variety, then you should go for the voltaic grinder. However, if you prefer cold brew or french press coffee, then it’s best to go for the manual ones as they require coarse grounds and less work. The great reason to pick the handy grinder is that it can be taken on the go. It is quieter and less expensive.

  • Burrs Versus Blades

The next decision you want to make is that whether you purchase the grinder that uses burrs or blades.

1. Burr Grinders – Burr grinders are also called burr-mills. They are the best at their job. They actually grind instead of cut or smash. This can result in the perfect and even coffee powder. Moreover, they offer a lot more control while grinding. The one advantage of using the burr-grinder is that it can grind the beans into the even-size. This type of grinder can help to make a better coffee-cup through even extraction. It avoids clogging-problems at the brewing stage. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to grinding-the-beans as per your need.

It is always recommended to buy the burr coffee-grinder with a low-speed setting. The high-speed performance grinding causes excess heat that can affect the coffee bean. For better-tasting, we recommend burr-grinder.

2. Blade Grinders – Blade grinders are also called as spice grinders. They are less expensive than burr grinders. You can easily find this type of coffee machine under $100. These grinders don’t grind. Actually, they smash or chop the beans into uneven pieces. Many coffee drinkers purchase the blade grinders when they begin grinding coffee at home. Some coffee-beans will be broken into bigger chunks, some into smaller, and some turn to dust.

The problem is that when we’re going to brew coffee, then the larger pieces will under-extracted and smaller over-extracted. This results in the bitter or bad in our taste test and sour notes in the coffee. Another issue with the blade grinder is that it is used as a spice grinder in some households. This indicates that you get the unpleasant flavors for the next time unless you clean your unit thoroughly. The blade grinder cost you 20-dollars. Burr coffee grinder starts around 25-dollars.

  • Grind Settings

Most of the best coffee grinders come with a wide range of grind settings. These settings indicate the right grind sizes to improve your coffee. Here are some settings that you’ve to consider while buying the grinder –

  1. Pulse – Pushing-and-holding the button becomes annoying if you grind multiple times. So to make your work more simplistic, most of the models come with Pulse. Push the button, and your coffee grinds. Let go of the button, and your coffee doesn’t grind.
  2. Auto-Grind – Some of the machines come with Auto-Grind functionality. It allows you to perform the procedure without having to push the button. Just turn the dial, and your coffee-beans grind. You can check your social media accounts while waiting.
  3. Timed-Grinding – It will grind for a specific time that has been set. Just Set the Time and Let her Grind.
  • Number of Grind Settings

Most of the best coffee grinders come with a large number of grinding settings. More grind steps allow you to do more. You’ll need 40+ settings if you want to love to experiment with all brew styles. 20 to 40 settings are enough if you’re going to brew the most typical brew styles. Less than 30 settings are fine if you use standard brew styles like a french press, drip coffee, and pour-over.

  • Size of Container

It can be determined by the ounces. The grind size of the ground-container and hopper determines how many coffee powders and beans they can contain. You know how much beans you need to grind or how many coffee-cups you prefer to brew every day. So, the size of the container and hopper can be chosen by you.

  • Ability to Retain the Flavor

When the grinder breaks the beans, then the friction generates heat. If the temperature exceeds, then it reduces the aroma-of-beans. The cooler the inside, the better the flavor in the coffee. So, you’ve to buy a grinder that can reduce friction-and-temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What Is The Advantage Of Grinding Your Own Coffee?

The coffee cup made from fresh grounds tastes better than the pre-ground-coffee.

2. Is the manual grinder cheaper alternatives to electric burr grinders?

Yes. The handy grinders are cheaper than other grinders. They are good enough to make one or two coffee-cups.

3. What Are The Different Types Of Coffee Grinders?

There are 2-types of best coffee grinders. The methods of coffee bean grinding are different in both machines.

  • Blade Grinder
  • Burr Grinder

4. Is A Handy Grinder Best?

Yes, they are best and better than other grinders.  The grinding-process produces a little bit of heat. They preserve the flavor of the roasted coffee beans. On the other side, they are less noisy and comes with durable build quality.

  • They don’t use an energy source.
  • They have a small design that makes maintenance and cleaning easy and fast.
  • They have a small-size and basic construction.
  • They are cheaper than power plugged grinders.
  • They will deliver fresh-coffee for many years.

This type of grinders completely rely on your energy. Grinding beans for a single cup or is easy. But it becomes hard when you want to grind for a group of people. The process can be tiring.

5. Is A Burr Coffee Grinder Best?

Yes. These grinders crushes the coffee beans into uniform-size. The burr coffee grinder can result in a better coffee cup. Moreover, they avoid clogging problems. They give you the flexibility to grind your beans to coarseness or fineness.

Yes, a burr coffee grinder is much better than a blade grinder. But both have some advantages-and-disadvantages.

Burr Grinder


  • Grinds evenly
  • Broad grind adjustments
  • Preserves flavor


  • Louder
  • Slower
  • Costly

Blade Grinder


  • Faster
  • Less expensive
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy-to-store


  • Grinds unevenly
  • Inconsistent
  • No portion control
  • Overheats coffee
  • Less capable

6. What Are The Main Rules of Coffee Grinding?

  • Pick a high-quality machine
  • Grind right before the brewing.
  • Decide the right grind size.
  • Keep your grinder clean.

Once you’re ready to brew make sure that the lid-cover & bean container are secured well.

7. How Does The Grind Effect The Coffee?

When you brew coffee which is too ground, then the coffee will be under-extracted and less flavorsome. However, if your coffee is ground too fine, then the coffee can be bad.

8. Can I Grind The Coffee Beans In The Food Processor?

Yes, you can grind in the food processor if you don’t have a grinder. Within a few minutes, it gives a medium-fine grind. However, food processors do not offer the grind consistency and texture that grinder offers. One more disadvantage is that food processors come with the plastic-container. The coffee-beans can scratch it up and cause other problems.

We hope that our efforts will benefit you. Hit start the day by preparing and enjoying a delightful cup of joe just made for you.

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