OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review [June 2023]

OXO Brew Conical Burr 8717000

  • Easy to Clean.
  • Stainless Case. 
  • 42 grind Settings.
  • Bag Sized Hopper.
  • Takes Upto 30 Seconds.
  • Attractive and Stylish Looks.
  • Secure Hopper Shut-off Lock.

Replace your old manual coffee grinder with an electric one and save time for other chores. The world is revolving around technology, and many manufacturers start creating advanced products to cope-up with your daily busy life. 

Once you sip the best coffee cup, there is no going back. Grinding whole coffee beans with a unique aroma forming in front of your eyes is a fascinating picture ever—just think of it.  However, most of the coffee is sold in packaging, vacuum-sealed containers, and once you open them, all the flavors start fading away and don’t even last for 5-6 days. 

So if you are a coffee lover, we recommend you have a personal coffee grinder so you can have the best coffee cup to serve yourself and others. 

With this, we’ve come with an that will help you to unlock the magical aroma of coffee beans. 

Let’s start its analysis to know more about OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder in depth.

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review: First Impressions​

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

OXO Brew Conical Burr 8717000 Grinder Specifications
Hopper Capacity16 ounces
BurrsConical steel
Burr Speed400 RPM
Grind Settings45
Power175 watts / 220 Volts
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight7.4 pounds
Dimensions16.4″ H x 11.1″ D x 7.3″ W
Warranty2 years
Recommended ForCoffee Press, Fine Drip / Pour Over, Drip Coffee

Reasons To Buy

  • Mesh-Free Hopper.
  • Dishwasher Safe Container.
  • Tough and Durable Design. 
  • One-Touch Operating System.
  • Easy to Detach and Re-assemble. 
  • Constant and Uniform Grind Size.
  • Grind Enough Beans In One Cycle. 
  • 40mm Stainless Steel Conical Burr.
  • 1 Fine and 15 Coarse Grind Option.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No Auto-Stop. 
  • Need Deep Cleaning. 
  • One Button Controls Everything.

OXO Brew Coffee Grinder: Detailed Specifications​

OXO is a top-notch brand that offers its customers incredible and durable products at a reasonable price. This coffee grinder is one of its excellent examples. The grinder is well designed with a user-friendly interface, like a one-touch operation. It is fantastic because it comes with a specific grind option. 

Let’s dive into this Conical Burr Coffee Grinder more. 

1. Design 

There is a lot to look at in this device, from conical burr grinder to adjustable grind settings and more. The stainless steel body with transparent bean hopper delivers sustainability and durability.

OXO Burr Grinder

The overlook of the grinder is simple and elegant and stands perfectly on your countertop. If you want a reliable electric grinder in the budget, there is no better option than this. 

Moreover, this grinder comes equipped with a single push button that allows you to set the desired time for your coffee. The body is fully stainless, so it is quite firm.Also, its hopper is covered with a UV protection layer. The hopper also comes with a secure lid that keeps the coffee inside the hopper without making any mess. When it comes to sound, it is neither too loud nor too quiet. Most amazingly, all the parts are washable. 

The grinder measures 12×7.4×16 inches and weighs 4.5 lbs with 16 ounces hopper capacity. It is a non-nosy grinder. You can easily store it anywhere in your kitchen, although you can take it on your trips too. It can brew upto 12 to 16 cups of coffee at one go. As we’ve already mentioned, it is a stainless steel grinder with a UV-blocking tints hopper. So it will keep your bean’s freshness locked till you brew the cup of coffee.  

2. Grind Consistency 

It might look compact and sleek, but it consistently produces a fair grind result thanks to its 40mm stainless steel conical burrs. These burrs let you create a uniform and even coffee ground for various beverages. 

However, the conical burr is one of the highlighted features of this grinder. This kind of burr you will not get on any other grinder in this price range. Besides this, the 15 grinds setting, along with additional micro settings, lets you adjust and have a uniform ground coffee. 

3. UV-Tinted large Hopper 

OXO Grinder

One of the main sections of any grinder is its hopper, and a big hopper means more coffee ground. This affordable grinder comes with a spacious tank that can hold upto 16 ounces of beans. If we compare it with other brands like Krups F203, this conical burr coffee grinder can grind your coffee in a much better way. 

Besides this, the bean container comes equipped with a hopper knob, hopper trap door, and additional ground container. The stainless ground container can hold up to 110 grams of ground coffee. In addition to this, the bean hopper and ground container comes with a secure lid lock that keeps the aroma of your coffee inside it. 

Moreover, the OXO hopper designs with UV blocking tint to give users a fresh as possible coffee for a long time. The role of UV tinted hopper is to prevent the negative impact on the quality of beans. Other than this, the hopper is also mesh-free that lets you remove the grinder without losing out any of the beans. 

4. Easily Selectable Built-in Scale 

Another unique feature of this grinder is its built-in scale. OXO makes this coffee grinder a classic piece by adding 15 grind size settings and additional micro settings. The brand adds this feature to fulfil the needs of all coffee lovers with different taste buds. Now any of you can endure your coffee by selecting several options as per your needs. 

Moreover, you will get two grind consistency ranges between fine grind for espresso to coarse grind for french press. You can even use this grinder for preparing Coffee Press, Fine Drip / Pour Over, Drip Coffee. 

However, coffee beans change their thickness as they go through the different roasting levels. So it’s vital to add coffee by measuring the need as it leads to ideal coffee at home. Thanks to the easily visible grind marks that ensure you pick the proper grind you want. 

5. One Touch Control 

One Touch Start OXO Grinder

This conical brew grinder has a simple and intuitive control button. Using this grinder is effortless as it features simple to use controls that eliminate the extra efforts. There is only one dial knob that controls everything, as it also saves your most current settings. 

All you have to do is turn the dial, change it to the number of cups, and press the button to start the process. In case you forget to start the switch around the ring, a light will blink as a reminder.

And to pause the grind, press the button again and press again to start. This innovative design makes this grinder easy to use and travel friendly. 

6. Noisy and Static

The only drawback of this machine is it’s a bit noisy motor. The DC motor design might prevent overheating, and there is less demand for maintenance too. But overall, the engine makes the grinder loud during the process. 

Moreover, there are some good points too. Its hopper and ground container both come with a secure lid that keeps the beans and ground within the containers during the process. 

7. Modes   

You can operate this grinder with three modes. The first one gives you the perfect 8 grams/cup. The second one can be used to pre-set the grams of the beans. Just twist the knob and set it to your desired amount. Lastly, you will get manual mode. This grinding mode lets you choose the amount of coffee. 

So with this grinder, you can prepare your type of coffee with the help of grinding modes. If you have an 8 cup drip coffee maker, go with 40 oz water and 64 grams of coffee ground. 

8. Attention To Details 

The grinder has some features that are hidden. For instance, it has a default setting of crushing the beans based on the number of cups chosen. It can be switched to assign numbers of grams needed, and there are more. Unless you read the manual carefully, you will not get to know these options existed. 

9. Maintenance and Cleaning

A critical feature for any grinder is how to clean it. Everybody wants easy and hassle-free cleaning. So this grinder is for you. It demands very little maintenance and cleaning too. All you have to do is, detach the hopper, and the top burr will come out quickly without any need for an extra tool. The grinder is easy to use and hassle-free to clean. Overall, it is a budget-friendly machine, well built with different grind settings to deliver a perfect cup of coffee.

Final Verdict​

Every coffee lover has some specific taste demands, but having a model that gives hassle-free grinding and meets all your coffee demands is something enjoyable. And for that, you should try out this OXO 8717000 model. 

An electric grinder with 40mm conical burrs crushes the whole beans with perfection. This model is budget-friendly with unique and innovative features that you will see in the expensive grinders. Also, it offers you one-touch operation and 15 grinder settings with other micro additional settings. It is an excellent value for money to have different ground coffee for different styles of cups. With all the fantastic features and a reasonable price, it is hard not to admire this grinder. Its accurate built-in scale provides coffee lovers with a perfect cup every single time, with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. How many ounce beans bag does the OXO Conical burr grinder hold?

The grinder comes with a 16-ounce capacity hopper that can hold up a 12-ounce bag of beans at a time.

2. Why is this grinder better than others in its class?

Many things make this grinder unique and apart from the other grinder. It has stainless steel conical burrs that offer efficient grinding results. You will also get a large bean hopper and ground container. Also, it is easy to wash and require less maintenance. The one-touch dial and adjustable grind settings deliver perfect ground coffee. Possibly, you will get any other grinder and all this feature at such a reasonable price. 

3. Is it noisy? 

Yes, it sounds a little high during the process due to its powerful motor.

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