Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine review [February 2023]

Gaggia Classic Pro

  • Semi-automatic espresso machine.
  • Excellent Milk Frothing.
  • Easy to use rocker switch control.
  • Premium Stainless Steel.
  • Dual hole steam wand.
  • Ese wand + Coffee Ground.
  • Capacity water tank – 2,1 liter

Coffee is the most popular drink with which many people like to start their day with. Fragrance, taste, and a sip of hot, freshly brewed expresso can satisfy one’s craving for modest cafe-way drinks.

Purchasing a new espresso coffee maker for everyday use can be difficult and challenging, especially when you are new to the field of coffee makers. With so many coffee makers available in the market, it isn’t easy to pick one. If you’re confused, look at this cafe-quality espresso machine from Gaggia Classic Pro, one of the most trusted brands since 1991. It is a semi-automatic machine designed to fulfill every coffee lover’s demand.

It is an economical, entry-level and effortless option for making a delicious cup of espresso. Each aspect, from grind to extraction and micro-foam milk texture, all operations execute this single.

Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine Review: First Impressions

Gaggia Classic Pro Review

Gaggia Classic Pro Specifications
Product Dimensions9.5 x 8 x 14.2 inches
Item Weight20 pounds
Wattage1450 watts
MaterialStainless Steel
Reservoir Capacity72 oz
Frother TypeCommercial Wand
Country of OriginItaly

Reasons To Buy

  • A professional steam wand with two holes for maximum control.
  • Rugged Brushed Stainless Steel housing.
  • Solenoid valve for perfect pressure.
  • It uses a 58mm chrome-plated brass filter basket in its portafilter
  • Traditional boilers for temperature stability.
  • Easy-to-use rocker switch controls.
  • Super simple to use and clean.
  • Fit in any interior design.
  • Buzz and hum-free expresso machine.
  • Contains a special valve to minimizes any direct leakage.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Makes Cafe Quality Coffee.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not great if you want advanced features.
  • Not super budget-friendly.
  • The coffee spout is low and cannot fit big mugs for coffee

Gaggia Classic Pro Coffee Machine: Detailed Specifications​

Build Quality

Build Quality

It comes with classic built quality with a brushed stainless steel body that looks timeless and is easy to maintain. Gaggia classic pro is manufactured in Italy, which justifies the premium pricing for this coffee maker. The company focused on the most important aspects that an espresso maker should have: the boiler, the group head, and the steam wand.

The classic boiler gives the machine potential of Fifteen bars of pressure, so Gaggia designed the 3-way solenoid valve. This locks the water while brewing and helps it remove entirely after that.

Lastly, the professional-grade stainless steel wand was created with two holes to make aeration smoother. With double the holes, the steam wand can create a better swirl than most of the other options. Milk skills are usually ignored, but we forget that espresso with milk options contains way more water than coffee. The right amount of milk makes a tremendous difference in perceived sweetness and overall quality!

Most home espresso makers have burnt espressos, fluidly milk, and frothy lattes: they lack boiler pressure, sealing temperature consistency, and milk wand stability.


It is a simple coffee maker that is very simple to run. The three rocker buttons with the image on them are pretty clear to understand, and they are so satisfying to press!You need first to grind your coffee and put it in the portafilter with the help of a tamper. Then, you have to switch on the machine through the on/off rocker switch and switch on the “brew” button. Make sure the water container is already filled with water.

Once your brew is ready, it’s time to steam the milk. You have to take some milk in a steel mug and then put the steam wand in the milk such that the rim of the wand is just below the milk’s surface. Then, after switching on the steam button, you should slowly move the wand around the milk to steam it properly. After that, you must switch off the steam and wipe the edge of the wand with a cloth. The unique valve minimizes any direct leakage because of the group head and makes it easier to maintain a clean workspace.

Milk Frothing

The Gaggia Classic is a single boiler espresso machine that means the water used to brew the espresso comes from the same boiler as used for steaming milk. Coffee is brewed between 90° to 96°, and milk frothing requires a higher temperature. So it’s better to steam the milk first and then wait for the boiler to cool down to the appropriate temperature to make your espresso.

It comes with a 2.1L water tank capacity and a 2-hole steam wand, so there is enough space to make your milk froth perfect and enhance your latte art skills. Also, pressing the brew button releases steam and helps in cooling. The milk wand on this model is a ‘proper’ wand instead of the ‘Panarello’ type wand, that simplifies the steaming process.

The Pro wand now included gives you more control over the frothing process, and you can also learn how to steam milk properly, switching between cappuccino style – with more air and foam and a latte with smooth microfoam that is perfect for latte making art. The Pro wand is a good thing considering the market for this machine and has been universally appreciated.  Cappuccinos or lattes were easily achieved if taking a bit longer than on machines with more power.

Commercial Style Portafilter with filter baskets 

This Classic Pro coffee machine has a durable brass plated 58mm portafilter with the same size and style as a commercial coffee house, ensuring a greater coffee ground holding capacity. It has both a pressurized and unpressurized filter basket. Mostly, unpressurized strainer baskets are preferred over-pressurized ones.

For experiencing the authentic, consistent shot quality and a thick layer of cream out of almost any coffee, pressurized baskets are used. The pressurized basket contains very few holes at the bottom that increases the pressure and helps is extracting unique flavors of the coffee. On the other hand, unpressurized filter baskets don’t have such a mechanism. Here, the pressure is built by the espresso machine itself.

3 Way Solenoid Valve

The espresso machine is just like commercial machines with a 3-way solenoid valve that relieves pressure off the coffee for a dry, easily discarded puck. When the machine shuts down after a brew, this valve ensures that the water is forced out on the drip tray forcefully. This takes away most of the residual water from the machine and makes the coffee pucks dry. This mechanism ensures that you can make a coffee in a cleaner and more accessible manner. Apart from this, the valve also makes back-flushing possible and reduces the stress on internal components.

Commercial Steam Wand And Large Water Reservoir-

Gaggia commercial style steam wand offers complete control while steaming and frothing milk. This is capable of making tight microfoam and gives a velvety texture to the milk. Tight microfoams are best for creating latte art. Creating latte is tough, but making a perfect barista-style coffee, it’s best.

Gaggia Espresso

However, it would help if you were careful while using the steam wand to be wholly immersed in the milk to prevent spilling. After every use, you should purge it to remove any remnants of the milk, that may create blockage later. One of the best features of the Gaggia Espresso Machine is the large 72-ounce water tank. This allows you to store water for your future brews.

An advantage of this water container is that it is removable. This makes it easier for the user to clean the apparatus and also refill the reservoir easily.

Fast heat up and Updated Controls

The coffee maker has unique dual heating elements that help in faster heating and steaming. Heating elements heat the boiler to brew ready in about five minutes, and steam ready in 30 seconds. The Gaggia Classic Pro’s control panel has been divide into three switches for power, brewing, and steaming. Each switch has its indicator light to tell you when the machine is on, ready to brew and steam milk.

Improved Pump Mounts

Superior mounting of vibration pump drives hot water through the coffee chambers of the espresso machine. It helps to enable the pump’s stability and dampens the noise produced during brewing and still maintaining the same quality and consistency of the great espresso.

Ease of Use

If you want to press a button and go, the Classic Pro will give you the best results, especially on a traditional Italian roast. The limitations of a single boiler is that you need to work a little more complicated when producing multiple milk drinks.

There are three buttons on the front. ON, BREW, and STEAM. Simples! Filling the water tank is simple, with easy access from the top. If your machine sits on your counter, under your cupboards, you still have just enough room to pour water from a Breville filter into the tank.

Ease of Cleaning
Here again, the Classic Pro isn’t particularly hard to clean, but other semi-automatic models are easier. The process is pretty standard — rinse and clean the portafilter and steam wand, empty the drip tray, and clean out the milk pitcher. In general, we found this to be simple, but there is a small plastic piece in the portafilter that tends to hang onto some gunk and that necessitates a bit more precision when wiping things clean. The angle of the steam wand also makes purging and wiping it a bit awkward, particularly if the machine is placed on a lower table or counter.

Final Verdict

The Gaggia Classic semi-automatic espresso machine delivers delightful espresso, coffee, latte drinks, and more. Based in Italy, Gaggia understands the importance and deliciousness of an authentic Italian espresso. It is effortless to use and needs very less skill to work on this. It offers lots of opportunities to honor the talents of beginners. The elegant stainless-steel design and advanced features brew a great cup of espresso. It is incredibly reliable, and even its inbuilt qualities are also too good.

The Gaggia Classic pro could be the best pick if you want a barista-style espresso at home, at a fraction of the cost of a commercial espresso maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it use pre-packaged coffee?

The Classic Pro includes a single shot pressurized basket for pre-ground and ESE pods. It has pressurized baskets for pre-ground espresso. But the best espresso is made using freshly ground espresso from freshly roasted coffee beans using a quality espresso grinder like a ceado, mazzer, or niche.

2. Is the boiler made of Steel like the Classic?

No, the boiler is made of aluminum.

3. How is it better than the Gaggia classic?

Classic Pro has a stream wand vs. Panarello frother that was spec’d on the Classic. The button panel is also different on the Pro. Each function has its rocker switch. And the sides on the Pro are cut away more to give a better view of the water level in the tank., I think the build quality is excellent of the new Gaggia classic pro.

4. How is the water reservoir removed?

It is effortless to remove the water reservoir in 2 minutes for cleaning etc. Filling water is on top, though. Pull out drip tray, disengage portafilter, pull the silver solenoid tube on left out. Pull and remove reservoir front tilting slightly. When reinstalling it, make sure the two plastic tubes are in the tank. One tube is water inflow and should go to the bottom. The other tube is overpressure release OPV. It just needs to be in a tank though being on the bottom is not a must for an OPV tube.

5. Does it make too much noise like the espresso machines in the coffee shops?

No, the Gaggia Classic Pro has an improved pump mount, that dampens the sound produced by the espresso machine. It gives you the same barista-style espresso without the humming and buzzing sound.

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