Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8 Coffee Grinder Review [March 2023]

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder

  • Auto Stop.
  • 18 Grind Settings.
  • Uniform Grinding.
  • BPA Free Material. 
  • Safe and Easy to Use.
  • 4 to 18 Cups Slide Dial
  • Dial, Button and Slider Controls.
  • Comes With Coffee Scoop and Cleaning Brush.

The moment of converting coffee grounds from coffee beans, if all of us wonder about doing yourself, and sense the aroma of coffee beans. Experts suggest grinding beans just in a minute before brewing to have the exact taste and flavor you want. 

Grinders are a vital investment if you are a true coffee lover whose day starts with a cup of joe. Any coffee lover will tell you that using freshly ground coffee tastes much better than a packed one. However, in the market, you will get some high-budget and low-budget grinders that make you confused. So if you want a budget-friendly yet well-constructed grinder for your kitchen, then there is nothing better than Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder

The Cuisinart DBM-8 is an almost good-looking and entry-level grinder. It has a name for providing solid technical features that deliver uniform grind and optimum results. This is a compact machine in retro style. 

For now, let’s begin the analysis by exploring its impressive features that won’t stop you from buying this grinder. 

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Review: First Impressions​

Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8 Grinder Review

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grinder Specifications
Grind Range3 (Coarse, Fine, Medium)
Power140 Watts
MaterialBPA-free plastic, Stainless steel
Grind Settings18
Burr TypeCeramic block burrs
InterfacePush Button
Bean Capacity8 oz
Power TypeElectric
Warranty18 months
Dimension6.00” L x 7.13” W x 10.75” H

Reasons To Buy

  • Reasonable Price.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor.
  • 4 to 18 Cups Slide Dial. 
  • Total 18 Grind Positions. 
  • Automated Shut-off Timer. 
  • Compact and Stylish Design. 
  • Elegant and Firm Construction.
  • Hopper Locks the Optimum Flavor.
  • Burr Grinding Delivers Uniform Grind. 
  • Easily Removable Hopper and Chamber.
  • Box included a Cleaning Brush and Scoop.

Reasons To Avoid

  • A Loud Action.
  • The Inner Burrs are Difficult to Clean.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill: Detailed Specifications​

What is an Automatic Burr Mill?

Before starting the in-depth review on Cuisinart grinder, those who are new to the home brewing method and coffee grinder might get confused with the term ‘Automatic Burr Mill.’

A grinder that has two rolling surfaces called Automatic burrs mill. Most of the coffee enthusiasts go with burr grinders over blades. The burr grinders deliver uniform ground size and give more control over the grind. Identical with Cuisinart DBM-8. 

This grinder comes with an automatic burr mill boasted with 18 grind settings from ultra-fine to ultra coarse. So with this grinder, you can easily prepare 4 to 18 cups of coffee and store the left out ground in the container. 


Most people think that with this much price, the Cuisinart must have been compromised with the quality. But that’s not true. 

The Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8 has a classic design body that will blend flawlessly with most kitchens. It has a stainless steel body with a lot of plastic parts. The grinder is compact but performs brilliantly. The stainless steel base gives it a stylish look. 

Cuisinart Grinder

In addition, it is pretty durable and BPA-free. Designing of this grinder makes it stands out to be the best among expensive grinders out in the market. The grinder is only 4.7 lbs in weight and 6.00″ L x 7.13″ W x 10.75″ H in size. It will look elegant and consume less space on your countertop. 

Looks are not the only category in which it masters. Its 8 oz removable plastic bean hopper and spacious ground chamber give enough ground to make 4 to 18 cups of joe. Also, it features 18 user-friendly grind function from ultra-fine to ultra coarse so that you can have the perfect coffee level for different beverages. 

Apart from this, it comes equipped with a set of ceramic block burrs rather than a blade. On the front panel, you will get a slide dial that allows the setting of beans. Also, it is an automatic grinder instead of a manual. 

Grinding Consistency 

The grinder comes with 18 different grind settings from fine, medium, and coarse, as we have already mentioned above. With 18 different grind settings, you can easily set the grind size as per your coffee needs. Going from semi-fine to ultra fine and medium to ultra coarse won’t be a problem anymore. You will get the specific coffee ground you selected for your coffee type. 

All these settings are clearly marked and are easy to use, specially designed for beginners in mind. With this, you will get to see a sliding selector that allows you to choose the dosing volume according to the cup size. However, you can choose from 4 to 18 cups, and the grinder will grind your selected amount. 

All you have to do is pick the coffee beans, select the desired level and the amount of cup, press the button, and there you go for the rest of the day. You can even store the left-out ground in the chamber for next use. The overall process takes about 40 seconds to make 12 cups and 55 seconds for 18 cups, thanks to the superior ceramic block burrs. 

Hopper & Ground Chamber Capacity 

Grind Chamber

This Cuisinart burr grinder comes with a removable hopper and chamber. The plastic chamber is capable of holding 32 cups of coffee.

However, the large bean hopper holds upto 8 oz whole beans, making it perfect for large families or hosting a gathering. 

You will also get a coffee measuring scoop and cleaning brush that helps clean the chamber and hopper.

However, the only drawback Cuisinart comes with is the ground bin lid is not airtight, and we recommend not to store coffee in it for long. 

Using Of Cuisinart DBM-8 Grinder

Brewers who need a grinder to grind coffee for different beverages once consider this tiny grinder. It won’t cost you more than your Starbucks. It is a user-friendly appliance with simple to use specs. The purpose of designing this grinder is to give ease to beginners. It doesn’t come with various roles to get a ground coffee. However, it operates with a single button and a dial that allows you to select the coarseness. Using the DBM-8 is very straightforward. All you have to do is follow the easy steps. 

  • Load the bean into the hopper. 
  • Select the grind settings among 18 different options.
  • Choose the number of cups with the slider bar for the given options. 
  • Place the ground chamber underneath and start the button. 

However, the unit works for the near time. Different cups takes different time to grind the beans. For example, 4 cups take 20 seconds, 12 cups take 40 seconds, and 18 cups take 55 seconds. When everything is easy to do, try this coffee grinder to make different beverages and serve your family and friends. 

Blades Vs. Burrs 

The appliance comes equipped with ceramic block burrs that are the actual bone of the grinder. It improves the quality and enhances the durability of the device. Also, the powerful motor makes the process fast. Due to the powerful engine, the grinder makes some noise that could be an issue for some.

But overall, the grinder burrs helps you to have fine coffee to prepare espresso-based glasses or Turkish coffee. It also gives you an option to have coarse ground coffee to make a cold brew or french press. All-in-all it is worth buying to perform barista-style coffee at home.

Additional Features 

The Cuisinart coffee grinder comes equipped with a safety feature that increases the appliance’s lifespan. The safety feature lets you know if the parts are correctly attached or not. The grinder won’t run until the hopper and ground bin is well placed in their position. Having a grinder in this price range with this kind of feature is bliss. 

Ease Of Cleaning 

The cleaning process of the appliance is too easy as the use is. However, all the burr grinders need in-depth cleaning to keep the machine working for years. To help you out, the appliance comes with a removable hopper and bin. Once you detach the top burr, the hopper also comes out. This helps you to remove the dust from the bottom burr too. In addition, you can wash both the chambers in running water; however, they are not dishwasher safe. 

The product even comes with a cleaning brush to reach those areas where you can’t. You can also clean the grinder with a sponge. Try not to use a harsh sponge because it might scratch the plastic parts. Overall, the grinder has a small footprint that can be stored in the cabinet to avoid the dust particles settling down on it. 

Final Verdict​

When it’s all about making the perfect coffee, a real coffee addict craves the ideal coffee ground. And for those, Cuisinart DBM-8 is the one. It is an entry-level, reliable, and budget-friendly grinder equipped with advanced features that lets you grind whole coffee beans with perfection. Its coarseness grinding numbers let you grind coffee for a different style of beverages. 

It is the perfect mate if you want a budget-friendly burr grinder. Whether you are a novice or beginner, it gives an ideal coffee to prepare a fantastic shot of espresso, french press, and more. Its durable body with minimal buttons lets you perform and use it easily. Moreover, the hopper and ground bin also allows you to store and grind a large amount of coffee. 

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. How fine can I grind with a Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder? 

The Cuisinart DBM-8 comes with 18 grind settings from ‘Fine to Coarse.’ However, with its fine settings, you can prepare 12 cups within 40 seconds and 20 cups in a minute. You can even easily adjust the ground level as you want. 

2. What Burr does this grinder use?

The grinder comes equipped with ceramic block burrs, which are better than conical burs. With this burr, you well get a non-comparable quality and uniform coffee. 

3. How to clean a coffee grinder? 

You will get a different style of grinders in the market, and each comes with a different washing process. But with DBM-8, it is different and easy to wash. The device is easy to use and clean. Both the chambers are detachable, which leads to easy washing. You can wash the bins directly into the running water. However, you can even use a sponge or brush to clean the tough areas. Note, don’t use any harsh cloth as it might destroy your grinder. 

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