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Melitta 46894 10-cup Thermal Maker

  • Durable Stainless Steel.
  • Automatic Pause and Serve.
  • Measured Capacity of 49 oz.
  • Programmable With 2-hour Auto-Shutoff.
  • Cone Filter Design For Better Coffee Extraction.
  • Brews Coffee at the Right Temperature and keeps it Hot.
  • Regular, Bold, and Robust Settings for Rich-tasting Coffee.

A busy life requires a strong coffee to start the day full of energy. As coffee lovers, there is no better way to achieve a cafe’s experience at home. Having a coffee brewer with all the features that you see in the barista machine can be a great option if you want it for yourself.

We know there is any number of coffee brands available in the market that can spin your head. But Mellita is one the most trusted brand as it has been making coffee makers for decades. Ever since, a Dresden housewife cut out a piece of blotter paper fitted it into a cone, and used it to make coffee. In 1908, Melitta Bentz applied for a patent for the first paper coffee filters and started a whole new industry.

They had a rigid idea of bringing the European Cafe experience to an American coffee lover. Melitta 46894 10-cup is an automatic coffee brewer, thermal carafe, and is made of durable, shiny stainless steel. It has a cone filter style and design that fully extract the coffee and provides you three brewing options for rich-tasting coffee.

Melitta 46894 Thermal Coffee Maker: First Impressions​

Melitta 46894 thermal coffee maker

Melitta 10-cup Thermal Coffeemaker Specifications
Dimensions10 x 12.12 x 16.5 inches
Weight9.44 pounds
Capacity 10 cups
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage1000-1500 Watts
Warranty1 Year(Limited)
Human Interface InputButtons
Product typeDrip coffee maker
Power120 volt

Reasons To Buy

  • Thermal Carafe keeps Coffee Hot.
  • 10 Cup Vacuum Sealed Thermal Carafe.
  • Includes Unique Features of Pause and Serve.
  • Easy-fill Water Reservoirs Lend Convenience.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish Looks Great on Any Kitchen Counter.
  • Comes With a Combination of programmable And Auto Programmed Functions.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No removable water reservoir.
  • Difficult to read water tank measurements.
  • Blue LED clock light is brighter than expected.

Melitta Thermal Coffee Maker: Detailed Specifications

Melitta is a brand of Germany whose headquarters are present in different parts of the United States of America. Melitta is known in the market for its high-quality products that satisfy the needs of discerning customers.

Build and Design

This 46894 is different from the current trend of rounded, awkward-looking coffee machines that will seem outdated within a few months. The unit is made of stainless steel, which improves its quality. This coffee brewer can make 10 cups of coffee at the same time.
It comes in a combination of black and silver color.

It is designed to emphasize the cone design of the filter basket, with modern angles and user-friendly handles. At 11.5 inches tall, it might be a little tall to fit under cabinets, and the absence of a removable reservoir makes it illogical to put it under a cabinet anyhow. The controls are ergonomic, simple, and located near the top of the brewer, where they are safe from the danger of being shorted out by the water spills. It is a versatile device that is not tough to handle at home. It is smooth and looks advanced.

Melitta coffee maker

Make Iced Coffee

Other than brewing hot coffee, this 10-cup thermal coffeemaker is perfect for making iced coffee.
On a hot day or energize yourself before some work or project, make some refreshing pick-me-up cold coffee and instantly boost your energy. Try some the next time and enjoy your cold brew. To make iced coffee, follow the following steps:

1. Fill the reservoir with water up to the 5-cup mark.
2. Now, fill the thermal carafe with ice just below the rim.
3. After that, double brew strength coffee.
4. Your brewing is done; pour the iced coffee into a glass filled with ice and add your favorite sweetener or cream to enjoy your perfectly brewed iced coffee.

The coffee brewer has a blue LED clock to see time, day, and brewing mode. But again, the LED clock has disagreed with some people, saying that the light is unreasonably splendid and one cannot read well at particular focuses or partitions.


Melitta thermal is a 10 cup vacuum-sealed carafe. It comes with a thumb-activated pouring mechanism that means no need to twist the lid.
The machine comes with three brewing settings. You can choose regular, bold, and robust brewing strengths according to your taste pallets. It is not hard to decide which brew strength is suitable for you.

Suppose you like your coffee as bright, breakfast blend, or mildly flavored, and do not prefer espresso. In that case, your taste buds match the regular setting. On the other hand, if you are attracted to dark, oily coffee beans at the store, and like coffee to be strong, deep, or rich, choose the robust or bold setting.

The machine usually takes 8-9 minutes to fill its carafe, which exceeds the maximum 8-minute, commonly regarded as the limit before coffee grounds start to be over-extracted. It includes a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee hot, not just lukewarm, for up to 4 hours.


Melitta thermal coffee maker

The Mellita coffee maker knows how to create a perfect cup and make the most of your favorite ground coffee, from brewing it at a hot temperature to offering you the ability to wake up to a hot pot of coffee that’s ready to pour. It promises you something delightful, indulgent, and memorable that evokes every sentiment of an authentic European cafe.

If you are dedicated to great-tasting coffee, choose the Melitta model with the carafe that best fits your needs: traditional glass with an adjustable-temperature heating plate or a thermal version that holds in heat without needing a heating plate. See for yourself what coffee lovers are saying about the noticeable improvement in their coffee enjoyment experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning this Melitta Coffee Brewer regularly extends its life. The cleaning process will remove hard water deposits that may be present in the tap water.
You can clean your brewer using inexpensive vinegar and water:

  1. You can clean your brewer using inexpensive vinegar and water:
  2. Pour up to 4 cups of undiluted vinegar into the reservoir.
  3. Let the vinegar stand for 30 minutes.
  4. Run the vinegar through a brewing cycle.
  5. Follow with two to three cycles of fresh water until the vinegar smell is faded.

Or, you can purchase a coffee machine cleaner.
Cleaning the coffee machine regularly looks like extra work, but you will find the improved taste each time you brew your coffee.


While using any electrical device, follow the basic safety guidelines to avoid the risk or shock. Consider the following measures in mind:

  • This machine is not made to be used by children without adult supervision.
  • Do not touch the hot surface without gloves, as complete care must be taken to avoid burns.
  • Place the brewer on a flat surface, and avoid keeping it on the corner to prevent a random drop.
  • Avoid placing the hot carafe in a wet place, as it will damage the surface of your carafe.
  • Plug the cord correctly and do not let the cord hang.
  • During cleaning the machine, ensure that all the switches are in an “off” state.
  • Do not open the lid during the brewing process.

Final Verdict ​

Next time you think of going to some fancy coffeehouse, local shop, or drive-thru to buy coffee and guzzling it down, think about it twice.
Melitta promises you a bold, rich cup of coffee in the comfort of your home. The blue LED clock is highly splendid to some individuals, and it influences the eyes.

The coffee maker is devised to brew coffee at optimal temperature, and the stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot until you’re ready to drink it. It’s not hard to clean or take care properly of your 46894. Cleaning it after each use is preferable to make your product long-lasting.
The Melitta 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer is ideal for making iced coffee.

The machine comes with intelligent design, detailed craftsmanship, and unique functioning that give you full-bodied flavor and a sensual experience in every sip.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. Does the hotplate get hot when the coffee maker is on?

The thermal carafe keeps the coffee nice and hot. The hotplate for the carafe does get hot during the brewing process and shuts off when the brewing cycle is completed. It is a nice feature to bring the brewer to the dining room table, and it will be okay sitting there.

2. Does this beep to let you know coffee brewing is completed?

No, there is no beep sound. The light goes off, which is the sign that the brewing is complete. It’s better to wait another minute or two for the water to drain completely through the ground before poring.

3. Carafe’s interior is also made of stainless steel?

Yes, it is made of stainless steel from both inside and outside. No glass to worry about breaking anywhere.

4. How do I set the timer?

To set the time of day, first press the H(hour) button to select the current hour; then press the M(minute)until you reach the correct time. The time must be set before using Auto Brew. To program the Auto Brew, press and hold the Prog button until the display begins to flash. At the same time, holding down the prog button, press H & M for desired time. Press & release the prog button to set the Auto Brew. Do not hold the button down. Auto Brew is set.

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