Rok manual Espresso Maker Review [March 2023]

Rok Espresso Maker

  • Sleek Design.
  • Easy to Operate.
  • Uses No Electricity.
  • Plastic-Free Packaging.
  • Hands-on Manual Brewing.
  • Includes a Manual Milk Frother.
  • 10-Year Guarantee On Metal Parts.
  • The Machine Seems Excellent and is Delightfully Light and Compact.

Espresso machines have been a big engagement both in terms of wallet as well as your counter space. Earlier, “true” espresso was only prepared on bulky espresso machines with multiple dials, milk frother and can cost over the budget. With the invention of the Rok, everything has changed. Now you can get authentic flavors of espresso shots that are pocket-friendly too.

Rok first launched its handy espresso machine in 2004 as Presso. However, it then released this Rok Manual Espresso Maker in 2012 with some improvements. This machine is easy to use and produces high-quality cups of coffee. This firm is comparatively smaller than the company that is already existing in the market for a long time. Rok’s consumer services are very responsive. This Rok Espresso machine analysis will explore some of the positives and negatives aspects of this new age espresso maker and take a closer look at the details of who exactly it is for.

Rok Manual Espresso Maker Review: First Impressions

rok manual espresso maker review

Rok Espresso Machine Specifications
Dimensions L x W x H14 x 14 x 14 inches
Weight7.12 Pounds
Source Of PowerManual
Average pressure5-10 bars
Number of Portafilters Included1
Portafilter Handle MaterialPlastic
Portafilter MaterialStainless Steel
Warranty10 years guarantee

Reasons To Buy

  • Crema is Authentic.
  • We Love the Carrying Tin.
  • You Can Control Everything.
  • It’s Pretty Environmentally Friendly.
  • Do Not Require Electricity to Operate.
  • Looks Like a Sculpture More Than a Coffee Maker.
  • Comes With a Ten-Year-Long Warranty on Metal Parts.
  • One of The Biggest Advantages of This Espresso Maker is That It is Much Cheaper Than a Traditional One.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Everything Needs to Be Preheated.
  • Need to Exert Just the Right Amount of Gentle Pressure When You’re Bringing Down the Arms on the Device.

Rok Manual Espresso Machine: Detailed Specifications​

1. Design 


The Rok espresso maker is undoubtedly getting attention from your guests and friends as soon as they arrive in your kitchen. Thanks to its beautiful, unique, and modern design with traditional touch. As its first model that kept an award-winning design is very similar to this model.

This coffee maker is created with portability and functionality in mind, and its design shows both of them appropriately. It consists of two wing-like handles that are simple to use and looks so elegant and fun. The Rok manual coffee machine is built from long-lasting metal and has a 10-year warranty. It also has four rubber supports in its base, proposed to keep it securely in place as you handle it.

2. Features:

5-10 Bar Pressure: At first look, one may doubt that this tiny unit is capable of building up enough pressure or not. Yet, because of its smartly constructed cylinder and piston, you can easily exert the correct amount of force to supply the required pressure. Before starting the process, make sure the coffee grind is fine and tamper it well into the portafilter.

Some customers also suggest overfilling the water reservoir to gain more pressure. But be careful since you can misapply this trick, resulting in damage to the instrument by creating over-pressure. Remember to drain the left-over water into another container afterward. If you succeed in pulling a shot under 9-10 bar, it’ll be ideal.

Portability: As it is not bound to electric plugs and is relatively small in size and lightweight, this espresso gives you the freedom to carry with you on your holidays. It also comes, including a handy metal tin to store it and take it with you.

Water Reservoir: The water chamber is built up of heavy-duty plastic and has the capacity for two double espresso shots. But still, it would be better if it rather uses heat-resistant glass or stainless steel because the hot water you will pour will come in contact with plastic.

Cleaning: It is effortless to clean the rok espresso maker. But regular cleaning is necessary for enhancing the flavors and for the long life of the machine. Once a month, the group head should be removed for a more thorough cleaning. As sour flavor and coffee residues accumulate over time. Unlike most electronic systems, the entire espresso maker can be submerged into the water for deep cleansing.

3. Brewing Capability

brewing capability

It is super easy to use. What you have to do is fill the small water chamber, lift both the levers, lock in the portafilter and plunge the levers for about 25-30 seconds. For locking the filter basket, attach it to the brew spout in a clockwise direction. The perfect granule size for espresso is finer than for drip coffee but less refined than Turkish coffee.

It would be best if you also preheated the portafilter by leaving it in boiling water for a minute before brewing to avoid under-extraction. With manual coffee makers, you get plenty of customizability which also means many chances for human errors. The ground size should be similar to the size of table salt.

For making milk drinks:

  1. Heat the milk in the microwave or a pot on the stovetop.
  2. Pump the heated milk with the frother until you are satisfied with the froth.
  3. Add the espresso milk to make the latte and cappuccino.

4. Included Accessories 

1. Stainless Steel Milk Frother: The milk frother is made of good quality material and is like a hand pump to inject air into the heated milk. The air bubbles created by this frother are visually bigger. If you like microfoam, then getting a real steam wand might be the right thing.

coffee scoop

2. Storage tin: This device comes with an aluminum storage box that can be used for carrying the espresso maker with you while traveling. The container looks aesthetically pleasing, just like the device.

3. A coffee scoop/tamper-It would help measure the correct amount of coffee grounds to used while brewing your cup of espresso or coffee.

5. Price

One of the most significant benefits of this espresso maker is that it is much cheaper than traditional. The price point is genuinely very reasonable for a piece of equipment that will truly last a long time. Since the machines in this sort of price range will deliver pressure through small, low-priced vibration pumps, the pressure isn’t going to be much uniform with these machines either.

Final Verdict​

Suppose you like having coffee shots even on holidays. In that case, we suggest you not rely on coffee shops or give up all control over the extraction process. Here we have exciting news for you: this espresso making unit is made to be practical and portable.

Rok Manual coffee machine was innovated by a British product designer Patrick. It was acclaimed as the “Best Stuff of 2012” by a journal named GQ and has been well received by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. In contrast with the simplicity and automation of various espresso machines, the Rok gives you the control and power to make the espresso just the way you love it.

This machine takes manual work to the extreme as no pump, no motor, and no electricity is required. You can make a delicious espresso within a minute using your arm muscles. This machine holds the potential to be an incredible espresso maker, but it will take a little time to learn how to adjust things.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is a manual espresso machine?

A manual espresso machine is a traditionally created item that is an assured winner in aesthetics and functionality. It gives the barista the most authority over grind, temperature, tamps, steam pressure, and length of extraction to a perfect espresso shot.

2. What is the best pressure for an espresso machine?

The production standard’s best pressure for an espresso machine is set at 9 bars. While few devices promote a higher bar pressure, the winning spot is for manual espresso machines is between 7 to 9 bars.

3. What is the ideal grind for espresso?

The choicest grind for espresso requires to be fine enough to enable the water to drive through the filter and build a good crema, the flavorsome layer of foam that ceases on the surface of a perfect espresso shot. In common, it should match a mixture of powdered sugar and powdery beach sand. It should not be over fine, for it can block the coffee filter and result in a bitter taste.

4. What is the reservoir made of?

The reservoir is made of good quality Plastic. It lies inside the aluminum frame with a piston made of the same plastic fitted inside it to pressurize the water from the reservoir through the coffee in the portafilter.

5. How can we descale a Rok espresso maker?

For descaling, a Rok espresso maker, first of all, unscrew the top bolt and remove its parts. Place the silicone filter and O-ring in warm detergent water and leave the chamber in a 1:3 vinegar and warm water mixture for half an hour. Then rinse everything with water and reassemble your coffee maker.

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