Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker Review [February 2023]

Mueller Coffee Maker

  • Unique carafe design for a drip-free pour.
  • Pause and serve function for convenience.
  • Deliver rich flavors.
  • Full programmability for convenience and ease.
  • Coffee stays warm at an ideal temperature.
  • 24 Hour Programmable Timer.

Happiness is a full mug of freshly brewed coffee in your comfort. Therefore a good home coffee maker is a tool for happiness. But when it comes to a good coffee, everyone has a different idea of what makes “the perfect mug of joe.” Some people prefer quick as they leave the door for work. Others like to slowly brew their coffee and love to enjoy the coffee-making process. But which coffee maker is for you?

The Mueller Coffee Maker is the king of the coffee industry. This brand also includes “Austria” in its name and provides “European quality. “This machine is a practical drip coffee device. It has a straightforward design with some useful programmable features. Mueller Ultra appears to be an affordable choice for those looking to spend in a coffee machine that is easy to use and brews decent coffee.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker: First Impressions ​

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker Review

Mueller Coffee Maker Specifications
Dimensions15.5 x 11.5 x 9.2 inches
Weight5.54 pounds
MaterialDC 750 BLACK, Glass, plastic
ColorStainless Steel
Auto on/offYes
Water reservoir capacity1.8 litre/60oz
Brewing time5-7 minutes

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a permanent filter.
  • Affordable price.
  • Removable Brew basket.
  • Brew 12 cups of coffee.
  • Large capacity water reservoir.
  • Mess-free brewing with a 30-second anti-drip system.
  • Brew strength control for regular or bold coffee flavor

Reasons To Avoid

  • Non-removable water tank is difficult to clean.
  • Some plastic material.
  • Only pour for the entire pot.
  • No feature for power savings.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Brewer: Detailed Specification

The main motive of Mueller’s is to provide its consumers with superior products that simplify people’s lives! Muller coffee machine is designed to extract the fullest flavor possible. Here are some of the details about the device:

Design and build quality

Mueller Austria coffee maker can be a lovely addition to many kitchens because of its simplistic and delightful design. With the touch of stainless steel accents, the machine is fundamentally constructed with black BPA-free plastic. It has a charming minimalist appearance. This coffee maker is simple, with a control panel present in the front of the device. The control panel comprises a digital LCD clock and six buttons. The button included are for the following uses:

design and built quality
  • Power on/off button to start and stop the device before and after the brewing process.
  • Delay brew buttons that are used to program brewing up to 24 hours in advance. So if you are hurried to the office in the morning, program the machine at night, and enjoy morning coffee without hassle.
  • An hour and Minute button.
  • Strength button to choose your preferred strength of coffee. 
  • Program button to set up the time in clock, adjust auto-off feature, or for changing the brewing setting.

The control panel also features a power and strength light indicator. The power light indicator stays blinking as long as the machine is working. And the strength light stays on as long as the strength function is on. The water reservoir is situated at the back of the coffee maker. It has a transparent water gauge with markings from 2-12 cups. The water reservoir is accessible for filling by lifting the lid that also provides access to the brew basket.


Let us do a closer investigation about the UltraBrew that everyone wants to know before buying a coffee machine.

1. Brew basket

It comes with a removable brew basket with a maximum capacity of 12 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Adding more than this amount can cause overflow. For brewing one cup of coffee, the manufacturer suggests using one tablespoon of ground coffee. This Ultra Brew coffee maker can yield up to 60 oz of coffee at a time. You can determine the volume of coffee by adding a suitable quantity of water to the water tank. The system almost always makes through the entire volume of water in the tank.


2. Permanent Mesh Coffee Filter

The Mueller 12 cup coffee maker consists of a permanent mesh coffee filter. That means at this affordable price, you don’t even have to take tension about spending extra on replaceable paper filters. But still, if you want to use a paper filter for some ground coffee to eliminate oils that permanent filters can’t remove. If you like to drink filtered coffee, we strongly recommend using paper filters with this brewer. Using a paper filter along with the permanent filter may make a weak coffee. So don’t use both the filters at the same time. Reusable filters are environmentally friendly and create less mess. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned. 

3. Glass Carafe 

This coffee brewer comes with its own 12 cups glass carafe. This carafe ensures mess-free brewing with a 30-seconds anti-drip feature. This attribute temporarily pauses the flow of coffee so you can pour the first cup before brewing ends. As we remove the glass carafe, the brewing stops for 30 seconds. An integrated lid comes with the glass carafe.



This machine can be programmed upto 24 hours in advance. It combines a high brew temperature of up to 205 degrees and a faster brewing speed resulting in nothing short of exceptional tasting coffee. You can also set the strength function for bolder flavors. The process allows you to make more robust coffee at a single touch of a button. To increase the strength of coffee, you need to press the “strength” button just once. The indicator will illuminate red. You can choose between regular and bold options. The regular option is an excellent choice as a lazy afternoon coffee, but select the bold button if you want a caffeine hit to open your eyes in the morning.

The machine performs average in terms of noise control. The coffee maker makes a typical pumping sound. It comes with a hotplate that works well and has a nonstick coating. Nobody likes being the last to grasp a cup of joe from the pot and finding out it is already cold. The Mueller Ultra keeps the drink at the ideal temperature for up to two hours with an automatic turnoff for the absent-minded type of people like us. 

Cleaning and Descaling 

The device is pretty simple to clean. If you do not clean and maintain the coffee maker regularly, it may not last more than 12 months. Cleaning is necessary to mitigate the growth of bacteria and mold. Few steps must be followed to clean the machine.

Rinse all the removable parts with warm, soapy water. Pre-soak the removable components in a solution of vinegar and water. You can take the vinegar and water ratio as 1 part vinegar to three parts water. For cleaning the outer surface, wipe the body with a damp cloth. Clean up the hotplate, the switches, the shower head inside the tank lid, and as much as possible. Don’t use soap and water inside this as it can wind up in your coffee. Finally, leave the reservoir lid open to air dry the internal parts.

The calcium build-up is bad for coffee brewers. If you don’t descale the device, the greater chances are of permanent damage. Descaling is necessary once a month or according to the water in your area as hard water contains more minerals which will cause calcium deposits more frequently.

To descale your coffee maker, follow the following steps.

  • Load the tank with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Avoid overfilling.
  • Attach a paper filter to the filter basket. Do this even if you work with a permanent filter.
  • Put the hollow carafe on the hot plate.
  • Operate the brew cycle.
  • When the carafe is nearly half full, shut off the brew cycle by pressing the power button.
  • Wait half an hour to let the vinegar absorb the calcium deposits.
  • Set the coffee machine back on to finish the brew cycle.
  • Clear the carafe and rerun the brew cycle at least two to three times with clean water to remove any smell of vinegar that may remain.
  • Leave the inside and outside to dry.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a coffee maker at an affordable price, and comes with a variety of features that can make your life much easier. In that case, the Mueller 12-cup coffee maker may be the one. However, before purchasing, you should understand that it is a straightforward device with handy characteristics such as programmability, strength control, and auto-pause and start drip functions.

Mueller ultra is designed to extract all the possible flavors from the coffee grounds. It blends a high brew temperature of up to 205 degrees and a quick brew speed. This novel coffee maker with new features, brewing methods, and designs will relish the tastes and styles of American coffee drinkers. It has a stylish and sleek layout and can fit on most kitchen countertops without using much space.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. How Much Counter Space Does it Use?

9.2 inches wide, 11.5 inches deep, and 15.5 inches high. It fits in as a normal coffee device. You won’t require as much space as some of the larger coffee stations need. At 5.54 pounds, it’s a very lightweight system. People often associate this with being inexpensive or weak. However, many people will see it much simpler to move out from beneath a cabinet. The bottom of this coffee maker also has a fold-up power cord. This is perfect for keeping your counter free of confusion.

2. Where is it made?

The label on the bottom of the device says that it was made in P.R.C, which is mainland China. But it’s an excellent little device at a terrific price.

3. Who is the Mueller Ultra for?

The Muller Ultra Coffee Maker is for every impatient coffee enthusiast in more than one way. It brews mugs of java instantly without negotiating flavor. Also, if you need a new product for your home that is a little fancier than the old-fashioned coffee pot, this is an excellent alternative.

4. Is it BPA-free or not?

This product is composed mostly of plastic. One of the tags on the coffee tool claims that BPA-free materials are utilized for all elements intended to be in contact with coffee and water. Further, the website of the machine states that plastics are BPA-free. Though you might be conscious by now, we are especially concerned about coffee makers and espresso machines where the plastic comes in contact with hot water. However, the device may be BPA-free, but other possibly toxic plastics may or may not be used in the manufacturing process.

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