JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

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Jura S8 Coffee Maker

JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine 

Our Rating
  • Irresistible Body
  • Beginner friendly
  • Energy-saving mode
  • 3 Temperature Levels
  • Brew pre-ground coffee
  • Intelligent water system
  • 10 Coffee Strenght Levels
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Makes 15 types of beverages
  • High-resolution color touchscreen display
  • Personalize & save your favorite coffee drink
  • Aroma G3 Grinder & Pulse Extraction Process

Getting up in the morning or staying late at night is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes you don’t feel energetic or motivated until you get a cup of coffee. To boost up a day, more people start with a dose of caffeine. Hard and hectic days lead you to a strong cup of joe to feel fresh and bring energy back. As coffee lovers, there is no better way to achieve a professional barista’s experience at home.

By this, you can brew anything from an Americano to a latte in the comfort of your pajamas. Hence, you can brew great coffee at home if you have the right equipment. In today’s modern era, there are so many automatic machines, and brands that make you head spin.
If you’re a true coffee fan and cherish the idea of making your favorite espresso with little to no effort, then you are on the right page.

The most innovative JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine is the first device that comes with a total touchscreen function. Perfect for coffee devoters, which achieves the outstanding quality of preparing 15 types of beverages. So, what are you waiting for? Bring this today at your home and file your barista skills.

In this review, I’m going to explain you more about Jura S8 so you can decide whether it is a good option for you. Let’s begin and appreciate the brief.

JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review: First Impressions

Jura S8 Coffee


Dimensions: 11″(W) X 13.8″(H) X 17.3″(L)Weight : 10 Kg
Display: Touchscreen ColorGrinder: AromaG3
Water Tank Capacity: 1.9L/ 64-ozBean Holder Capacity: 280 g/ 10-oz
Material: Stainless Steel & ABSMade In: Switzerland
Voltage Rate: 230 V~Power Rate: 1450 W
Brew Time: 4-5 minutesWarranty: 2 Year
Available Colors : Moonlight Silver, Chrome

  • Comes with 10 coffee strength and 3 temperature level.
  • It offers excellent milk texture and consistency.
  • This machine seriously looks prominent in the kitchen.
  • Large, high-resolution TFT color touchscreen features animated demos.
  • It has every best technical feature you maybe get in some other coffee makers.
  • Its ArmoaG3 grinds the beans twice with 50% less noise and twice as fast as conventional grinders.
  • The one-touch recipe dialer helps you to choose 8 as a one-touch option.
  • Its CLEARLY smart filter automatically keeps you on track of usage and hints you to replace the filter.
  • Its integrated pre-infusion and P.E.P brewing system makes a delicious drink.
  • Its pre-programmed rinse and maintenance alert makes it high- functional machine.
  • Has automatic energy-saving mode and zero-energy switch that helps in maintaining the energy.
  • You can prepare 15 different beverages at one touch, including espresso, ristretto, espresso macchiato, flat white, hot water, latte, latte macchiato, cappuccino, cafe latte macchiato, 2 x ristretto, 2 x espresso, 2 x coffee or even green tea.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Somehow it takes time to get familiar with its menu system.
  • The machine will not prompt the cleaning of cappuccino frother, though it will promote you to rinse the frother.

In-Depth Review

The Jura S8 is a fully automatic machine that uses fresh coffee beans, milk, and water. This machine uses the most exclusive and top innovation Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P). It helps you in achieving the exceptional tone of professional barista while preparing whatever drink. Let’s drive into its aspects.

1. Design 

Big choice, compact design. Its chic S line exudes quality and adds precision in every way. This machine comes with a full touchscreen and a high-resolution display. At the center of this luxe look has a bright 4.3″ LED that makes the scrolling through menu options. With this new feature, you can program your favorite drinks at one touch. Overall, its latest technology allows you to switches for more seamless navigation. 

However, it holds about 280g and makes 40 single shots cups. It is a very well-made and good-looking machine. Refined materials and attention to its details create a bright and harmonious glance. It uses a mixture of plastic and chrome that seems very solid. The cover of bean container made of hand-polished and adds a reasonable airtight seal to preserve the bean freshness.

More than just design, Jura has its best technical features- a fine foam adjustment lever that delivers one of the best milk. Adding on with, P.E.P and G3 grinder for making some excellent standalone ristretto. It is a keeper and lasts a decade with you. This S8 offers a unique feel which pleases most of the coffee fans who appreciate excellent design. 

2. Modern Operating Concept  

Jura Coffee Maker

Bright and clear 4.3″ high-resolution colored touchscreen makes the machine marvelous and manageable. With a soft touch of your fingertip on the screen, it drops your favorite drink straight into the cup. This innovative operation makes it star because of its bright, eye-catching display. However, the graphics and animations show every step of preparation and guide you through the process. Its impressive ease and speed factor serve the lot in a few minutes, where ten people have to stand in a queue for coffee.

Jura S8 Automatic Machine

The concept of designing this machine is to get what you always want from the outside cafe. Make your own 15 different types of beverages on one touch with less efforts; just invest once and enjoy with it endlessly. Some extraordinary fact about this Jura-

  • Its individual preferences can be programmed in a few easy steps- rename, move, copy, or duplicate product in no time.
  • You can even control the coffee machine with a free, updated JURA Coffee App. Enjoy all its automatic traits and prepare your cup of joe.

3. Setup Process

The setup is simple. Open the box, plug it in, fill it up pours beans in the grinder, and put some milk all done than wait for the machine to do its work automatically. When setting up the device, place it on the flat horizontal surface. As such, it is a machine that is not sensitive to water. Try to choose a spot where there is no water supply. Protect the device from overheating. Read its full paper manual included in the box.

4. Performance

With a stylish, professional design creates the full range of specialties from espresso to 15 different masterful beverages. It makes the cafe like coffee at home and a perfect partner of coffee lovers. Select your preferred style coffee on 4.3″ screen and let the S8 take care of the rest process.

The Jura is equipped with an AromaG3 grinder that gives you more precision and speed without changing the quality. It ensures you a quiet, even, and super fast grinding. Although you can also adjust the fineness from 1 to 7 to affect the overall extraction time. A refined burr set with cutting edges offers even better grinding and higher performance. An integrated bypass doser allows pre-ground coffee brewing too. It’s smart CLEARLY filter removes the chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper tap water so that nothing blocks the rich flavor of your drink. By this smart trait, your machine gets a long lifespan.

It uses Pulse Extraction Process for pre infuses coffee grounds. Although it helps you in achieving the rare quality of barista when preparing espresso and ristretto. This extraction process pulses the water in short intervals through the grounds. In results, it guarantees the full saturation and purity of flavor. You can even adjust the strength and temperature across 10 to 3 settings for a wide degree of customization.

5. Milk Foam Frothing

Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura S8 has an upgraded fine foam frother, eschewing the old dial for a much better switch. It allows adjusting the milk density for different drinks before or during brewing. You can even select the portion of milk foam, a portion of milk, hot water, or mild temp water for green tea. This is a thoughtful and excellent addition you will maybe get in any other machine. Specially designed for the preparation of special coffees with milk and its foam. Hence milk adjustable lever lets you set the milk texture from foam-rich cappuccino to silky latte.

6. Care And Maintenance 

As for the care and cleaning of Jura is somewhat need to be done after every use. After making a shot, it’s essential to clean up right on time to stops more difficulties later on. One of the main part that needs to be cleaned after every use is the “Milk system.” Although this coffee maker automatically cleans itself by your one touch. Let me tell you how to operate and start a clean and maintenance setting. You just have to press “P” (Machine Setting) inside it you will find a “Maintenance Status” that automatically clean all the integrated parts. 

All it includes- 

  • To ensure the frother working, clean it daily after preparing milk. 
  •  The drip tray and coffee ground container are top-rack dishwashers safe. 
  • Wipe the surface of the machine with a soft and damp cloth. 
  • Avoid using detergent and clean the “glass canister” in hot soapy water.  
  • In the case of hygiene, clean the milk system daily. As more result, you will get a maintenance manual in the box of Jura S8. 
  • The machine has integrated cleaning and maintenance programs for rinsing the coffee system, Cleaning the milk system, changing the filter, Clean the engine, bean container, and emptying grinds and descaling the machine. 

Final Verdict

JURA S8 is a leading supplier of an automatic coffee machine. A global market leader in an automatic coffee machine that sold almost in over 40 countries. It brings you an impressive combo of innovation, class, versatility, and ease of use. The state-of-art produces the finest high-pressure-brewed espresso and other 15 specialties. Fast and easy to operate via smartphone or tablet with free Jura Coffee App. Its updated interface program allows you the freedom to save and name your favorite drinks as you want. Jura’s professional foam frother creates the most elegant textured milk foam. Aside from its designing feature, its technical art makes the device smart as well. Its P.E.P and G3 grinder perform outstandingly for making cup by cup. I hope you enjoy the insightful experience of this machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the things included in the box of Jura S8?

  • 1 X Instruction manual and maintenance brochure
  • 1 x hot water nozzle + clear connector (for frother)
  • 1 x milk siphoning hose with connector
  • 1 x aqua test strip
  • 3 x coffee scoop
  • Cup warmer
  • Stainless steel container for milk
  • Chocolate shaker

2. What measures should I consider while buying a coffee machine?

A coffee machine needs to meet some specific criteria before buying. Pay your attention to these criteria:

  • It should be easy to use and clean.
  • Check its construction durability and performance.
  • Features- manual, automatic or hybrid screen, buttons, or app.
  • Its flexibility- hot water for tea or hot chocolate drink.
  • How many types of a coffee cup it makes.
  • Warranty and return policy.
  • Open for all walled garden beans, pods, and powders.

3. Is Jura worth to buy?

When ten people are lined up for coffee, a barista takes quite some time. But good coffee maker that works in a few minutes worth the money. It has the AromaG3 grinder, and P.E.P grinders quietly and pulses the water in short intervals. And the fine foam technology makes any kind of coffee beverage you want.

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