Fresh Roast SR800 review [March 2023]

Fresh Roast SR800

  • Larger Roasting Chamber.
  • Display To Show Real-Time. 
  • Roast And Cooling Function.
  • 9 Levels For Heat Adjustment.
  • 6oz Roast Wet Processed Capacity.
  • 8oz Roast Wet Processed Capacity.
  • Knob To Control Heat, Fan, and Time.

The coffee we have as our daily beverage did not come to us directly from the farms. Instead, it involves a long process, from collecting the coffee beans from the farm to washing and drying them, either manually or with the help of different machines.

After that, the dried coffee beans are ready to roast, enhancing the aroma and flavor. Coffee beans are mostly roasted in large factories, but small-scale businesses that involve home and coffee shops are also evolving.    

Roasting brings a different taste and odor to coffee. But most of us buy roasted and packed powdered coffee from the market to save our time. But in reality, the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans makes the day!

Here in this article,  we will know about the coffee roasters that can be easily used at homes and coffee shops. Fresh Roast SR800, is best among the SR series of coffee roasters from the new roast brand that has unique features to help the user to roast the coffee beans at home or in coffee shops with ease and full proficiency in its working. 

Fresh Roast SR800 Review: First Impressions

Fresh Roast SR800

Fresh Roast SR800 Specifications
Dimensions14.25 x 8.43 x 8.35 inches
Batch Size8 oz
Heating SourceElectric Element
MaterialGlass, Silicone and Stainless Steel
Power Rate120 v AC, 60 Hz, 1750w
Roast Time10-15 minutes
Weight6.04 lbs
WarrantyFull 1-year warranty on the base unit

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy To Clean.
  • Fan Speed Control.
  • Progressive Heater.
  • Broder Roast Chamber.
  • Heat Adjustment Feature.
  • Build With Glass Chamber.
  • Upgraded Internal Electronics.

Reasons To Avoid

  • No Safety Control.
  • Low Heating Power.

Fresh Roast SR800: Detailed Specification

Design And Construction

SR800 is made up of glass, silicon, and some stainless steel. The Base Unit of the equipment has a heater and a fan that helps blow hot air upward to the roasting chamber that is pricked from the downward side so that the air comes from the bottom, thus aiding the device in roasting the coffee beans more quickly and easily.

 On the other side, there is a lid of the apparatus that consists of two parts, one the top that has a screen that prevents the unwanted husk of the coffee beans from spreading all over the sides while roasting. Beneath this, a chaff collector segment should remain empty all the time to collect the unwanted material. 

These two parts are attached with the help of two spikes. These spikes can be pushed together to cover the upper lid with the lower part of the lid at the side of the top. It is best to use a handle that can hold the upper and lower part of the lid together. The fully attached lid then rests on the top of the roasting chamber with the help of little spikes that can be attached on either side of the appliance to give it proper support while attaching. 

Mainly it involves a roasting chamber like a coffee mug with a lock, so it does not cause any mess while rotating. Then below that is a chaff collector that connects to the cap of the appliance, which is nicely attached at the top of the base unit.


Fresh Roast SR800’s functioning involves stunning functions with one of the best technical functions to aid the operating of the equipment. Moreover, its running procedure consists of a type of roasting, one is wet processed roasting, and the second is dry processed roasting. SR800 has 8oz or 226 g of wet-processed beans, whereas 6oz or 170 g. 

Other than this, it has a real-time depiction monitor that displays the ongoing time on the given screen. Also, one of its primary features on which the whole functioning of the equipment depends is it has a substantial capacity of heater that mainly helps in the roasting of the coffee beans, and that of fan’s ability which aids to control the temperature of the appliance and prevents it from getting heated.

It is one of the powerful appliances and is admitting to the current cold and hot temperatures. Moreover, SR800 did not pump out the smoke while roasting as much as the other roasters. And it runs at 15 amperes at the highest setup. Most of the users use only 20-ampere current to operate this roast and did not use any other appliance to that socket. This is the mistake that most users make and uses only 20 amperes, mainly to run this device. They think a proper power supply is not given to the apparatus which leads to the device’s heating.

To initiate the appliance user needs to click the on/off button and then click on the function knob and push it to convert the setting to the fan speed; it provides the cool air to the central unit that has a heater in it, and this air helps to cool down the appliance when it gets heated while on next press it changes the setting to the power option, user can adjust it according to their convenience.

Thus, users can easily switch from one choice to another with just one push. After the roasting, it displays a time limit the user has to set for the process.


SR800 has a display that shows the parameters to the user so that it becomes convenient for the user to operate it with proper features. Those three parameters are fan speed, on/off button, timer and one adjustment button. This appliance is manually operated by the user. On/Off is the power button that has to be pressed before bringing it into use.

It is just a one click knob that when pressed one time makes the device on for its functioning. The three options of the device first indicate the fan which controls how much air is flowing into the system thus it assists beans to move and roast at a constant rate. 

Roast SR800

Then there is a middle power button that aids how much electricity power is going to the heating element that is present in the main unit of the system. The user increases the power which means it increases the heat of the appliance and if not too much heat is needed that lower down the temperature of the device by pressing the on off butter.

When the user presses the off button then the electric power from the main unit gets cut off and the apparatus gets turned off with no heating at all. Thus it automatically turns cool after the power gets off from the main power supply.

With Fresh Roast SR800 users can manually control the roasting of their coffee beans so that they cannot overroast or under roast their coffee beans. The highest level of the appliance is of 20 minutes time frame so it can only have a 20 minutes as its highest level to roast the beans.  It does not have a dangerous level of roasting or does not cause any damage to beans while roasting.

After this comes function button that controls the overall setting of the system thus user has to punch it down one time and then punch it gain to initiate the cycle that helps in adjusting by rotating it clockwise will automatically display the temperature that comes out of the heater when the process of roasting initiated, which is really useful for the user. Then there is a run/cool down button which when being hit begins the process of roasting, and when it is pressed again then it automatically enters the cooling procedure.

Safety Precaution Tips

Fresh Roast SR800 roast upto 4 to 8 ounces of wet processed beans while it roast 4 to 6 ounces of dry process beans. Do not try to use the extension cord with the appliance. Moreover, roast the beans in a room which has a temperature warmer than 60 degrees fahrenheit. After every roast, clean the husk that comes out in the device while roasting, if it is not cleared out then it causes hindrance in the next roast. 

Energy Efficiency

Its usage of energy from the main electricity power only 15 ampere current as its power to run the appliance which is not too much of the electric power. only 15 ampere current as its power to run the device. It is not too much electric supply that requires a voltage of it. It runs on low current energy so it does not require or take too much of the electric power while operating it. So, it can be easily run on the low electric current and does not cause any harm to other appliances or main power supply.


Roasting alters the zest of the coffee; it changes the green raw beans to roasted dark brown one with a stunning aroma. Coffee becomes tastier after getting roasted so the function of roasters plays a significant role. Large scale roasters are most widely used in major branded companies whereas homely made roasters make the coffee experience more wonderful. The user itself can roast the beans at home or at the coffee shops.

Wet Processes

Washed process, commonly called wet process in the roasting of the coffee beans. This implies that coffee that is wet processed and involves washed coffee beans that are a little bit dried before being roasted. The coffee that is wet processed and involves washed coffee beans that are a little bit dried before being roasted.

This process has little bit of moisture while roasting thus it requires more energy to work the heater in the procedure. Thus. it needs more energy efficiency while processing. This roaster is thus more productive to support wet processed roasting of the coffee beans. Washed coffee tastes differently and tidy. It is one of the common methods of processing the coffee that involves both large scale and small scale processing. 

This process has little bit of moisture while roasting thus it requires more energy to work the heater in the procedure. Thus. It needs more energy efficiency while processing. This roster is thus more productive to support wet processed roasting of the coffee beans. SR800 has the capacity to roast the coffee with a wet process about 8oz./ 226 Grams.

Dry process

Coffee grows naturally in farms with a hot environment. The dry processed roasting is done to add more flavor and taste to the natural component of the coffee beans. While natural drying is done with the help of sun drying but as it requires more time in the drying process.

Thus SR800 is the best roasting appliance that roasts the coffee beans in less than half an hour with proper care and time control feature. Thus it is a less time consuming roaster and gives the best quality of beans that are ready to grind and be in the cup of the user.     

Cleaning and Care

SR800 should be cleaned neatly after the process of roasting so that it does not cause any problem in the future roasting procedures. Moreover, the husk or the unwanted material that comes out of the roasted coffee beans should be cleaned after the immediate use. So, it should be well cleaned and well cared for after and before use.

Final Verdict

SR800 is considered to be a well advanced technological roaster that has amazing features such as temperature control, fan availability while roasting, cool/run button that users may press to control their roasting process which involves cooling down of the heater present in the roaster. Moreover, it involves adjusting the knob for the setting of the temperature, time and fan. Thus, it involves all the good and trustworthy characteristics that the user finds in the best coffee roaster machine.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. Can this machine run on low current power ?

Yes, this machine can run on 15 ampere power current. This implies that it does not require too much electricity for its operation.

2. How much time does it take to roast the coffee beans?

This roasting machine has a stunning feature that involves a display and buttons which controls the temperature, fan speed and power of the appliance. Users can adjust all these accordingly.  

3. Does roasting in this SR800 provide good quality?

While using this tool as a roasting machine, gives the user the best quality roasting, this is because users can adjust al the main functioning features as per their choice.

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