DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Maker – [January 2021]

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Dedica Coffee Maker

DeLonghi Dedica

  • E.S.E Pods
  • Easy Controls
  • Irresistible Body
  • Descaling Alert
  • Removable Tray
  • Fast & Fresh Brewed
  • Manual Milk Frothing
  • Quiet Brew Technology
  • Brew Multiple Cup Sizes
  • Adjustable Cappuccino System

Coffee is a sort of famous and a fantastic drink that everybody likes and consumes the first. Many of us rely on caffeine while having breakfast. For a few people, coffee may be a call to begin their day to make more power and strength. Having the proper machine to form this point reasonable is so essential. But picking up a coffee maker is as tricky as your Starbucks purchase. It’s too simple to spend thousands of dollars on pursuing the classic home espresso.

Some people know the worth of barista-style espresso and understand how much an honest mug of coffee requires. Craving the modest cafe way drinks at home do way more than your regular cafes. 

As a result, DeLonghi Dedica EC680 is best as it has more reliable temperature controls than more expensive makers. It provides fab espresso, cappuccino, or a latte at home and while take just 6″ space of your countertop. With this affordable machine, you can brew your cups at home and avoid spending high charges at your regular cafe.

Proceed and read the review, which keeps you up to date with all the remarkable facts about this espresso machine.

DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Machine Review: First Impressions​

Delonghi Dedica EC680

Technical Specifications
Dimensions12.9″(H) x 5.9″(W) x 12.0(D)
Weight4.2 Kg
Heating SystemThermoblock
Steam WandAdvance
Water Tank Capacity1 L/35-oz
Brew Time40 Sec
ConstructionStainless Steel
Warranty1 Year
Voltage Rate220-240 V~
Power Rate1300 W
Type Of Shots1 or 2
Pump Pressure15 Bar
Water Tank & Drip TrayRemovable
Programmable SettingAuto on/off, Temp Control

The Good

  • The Delonghi stainless steel casing machine has been originated with a home purpose in mind.
  • Its 35-ounce water store and removable tray allow easy wash, refilling, and use of long mugs.
  • The frothing, intuitive stop flow, and thermoblock technologies combined together for making it a full-featured espresso machine.
  • You can achieve a rich-tasting drink in just less than one minute.
  • On the other hand, it gives you a plastic coffee scoop that assists in directing the coffee grounds into the portafilter. 
  • The top of the machine has easy control panels – three icons for smooth operation.
  • Its thermoblock high tech feature grants quick heating in just 40 seconds.
  • It has a fantastic warmer on the top that heats your cup before serving and maintains the constant temp in your drink.
  • You can even use ground coffee or pods of your choice.
  • Its 15 bar pressure pump serves in extracting the authentic flavor from ground coffee.
  • It also uses the E.S.E. filter, which lets you choose coffee pods.

The Bad

  • Sometimes machines get clogs due to coffee powder as they are too fine.
  • Once you start getting hard water, then the reservoir needs regular rinsing.
  • Its auto rest mode shuts off after 9 min. So a person needs to push every 9 min to bring the machine out of sleep.

Exclusive Points ​

  1. Breakthrough Design –Simple, 6″ wide, and narrow design character takes up half-space to fit in any kitchen or office countertop. Know best for its outstanding compact size. Along with this, the machine does all the work by itself for you. Its intuitive stops feature assigns the right amount.
  2. 3 in 1 Filter Holder –Allows you to make excellent drinks or a smooth cappuccino. Equipped with 3 interchangeable stainless steel filters for 1 or 2 espresso shots and one for E.S.E. pods (easy-serve-espresso).
  3. High Performance –It uses unique thermoblock tech to gain a stable and accurate temp. Reduce the warm-up time for your next use. Accommodates with large cups along with portable and travel purposes plate.

In-Depth Review​

With this Dedica EC680 espresso maker, choose your favorite blend and brew the rich, smooth espresso, latte, or cappuccino at home. Enjoy its thermoblock technology and auto flow pause features that make 2 drinks within 40 seconds. Read more about it under its depth review-

1. Design 

If you are from one of them who doesn’t prefer buying large espresso machines, then Delonghi Dedica is a top-notch choice for home or office use. No matter how big or small your kitchen is it adjusts almost in all types of countertops. It comes in three bright polishes – Metallic, Black, or Red that gives an attractive look to your kitchen. Its well-made, soft lines and stainless steel body has been designed for home use purpose.

In addition, it uses E.S.E. capsules for making the brewing process ampler with less mess. The manufacturer places this machine in a semi-automatic class, but it works the same as an automated one. Some of its integrated traits include a 35-ounce water storage tank and a milk frother in all just at affordable prices you maybe get in other semi-automatic devices.

Delonghi Dedica EC680

Although, the coffee maker also comes with a warmer plate, and three buttons on the top. This brewer uses thermoblock technology for extracting the delicious taste in the most effective way. Its portable drip plate creates extra space for large mugs. Below this, read its performance and function of each part in detail.

2. Performance

This machine is right for those who value the rich taste that espresso gives. This all-in-one machine build with wonderful programs holds – 15-bar pressure pump, advance frother, twin brewing cycle, 3-in-1 filter case, and 1 Liter tank. Now let’s start the show.

The process starts with selecting the single, double shot button, or steam button. After your press, the machine self-activate for pre-infuses the coffee with water and churns for making a single or two shots. This process helps in enhancing the quality type of the cup. Use its 3-in-one case for extracting the coffee powder with portafilter screws underneath the brew head. Inserting the setter in and out of the holder is tricky. 

While fitting it tight, make sure that your fingers are out of the way. It needs to be inserted and twisted carefully into the machine to get regular coffee. All it requires a little effort for securing the holder.

DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Maker

It gives you the option for choosing from 2 metal porta-baskets. The single-shot accepts 7 grams of coffee while the dual shot filter makes out between 12 to 14 grams depending on the grinding size. Also, its twin brewing cycle grants you a single or dual espresso, latte, or cappuccino with your favorite coffee powder.

The first thing on the front that is noticeable is its 15 bar pump pressure. It assures quality results with adjustable control for personal preferences. With this trait, the device extracts the right richness and proper aroma for your coffee. As a result, you feel as you’re drinking a high-grade coffee that you used to get from expensive cafes. Thanks to its pressurized baskets that delivers a rich espresso with smooth crema.

About all the compact size machines come with a 1 Liter tank. Luckily, the Dedica EC680 has a huge storage tank that saves time and trouble from filling it after every brew. It provides you enough liquid for making various mugs along with pre-infuses function for improving the quality of the coffee. 

You can even remove it for faster wiping and refilling. However, you can brew like a pro as it gives you the power to make tasty barista beverages at home.

3. Milk Frothing

You’ll find three dials that help in activating single, dual shots and steam on the face of the maker. Whatever machine you use, it may be commercial or for home, frothing the milk needs some practice for getting correct milk texture. 

To its left side, you will get a steam rod for frothing milk in short order. Its Panarello wand performs so well that it could heat enough milk for 2 cappuccinos and increase the amount in around 1 min.

Delonghi Espresso Maker

The manual milk frother allows you to experience cafe-quality coffee along with your customized milk strength. This froth wand uses an adjustable cappuccino set-up for producing light cappuccinos, macchiatos, or cafe lattes. Here also comes a boiler safeguard for stopping the coffee scorching. 

The transportable drip plate allows various mug sizes to use beneath the spout, so you’ll be able to get a choice for milk foaming. While its steam rod and plate claim cleaning right after use to remove all spots of milk or coffee particles.

Remarkable Points You Should Acknowledge ​

1. Quick Heating Time

If you’ve got a busy schedule within the morning and need a fast coffee, then Delonghi heats up within 40 seconds. All due to its Thermoblock technical point, the liquid gets heated in less time. It delivers your espresso a perfect temp. Thermoblock takes liquid from the tank in an exceeding machine to heat it on the fly. You may find this technology mostly within the home espresso machines, where thin coil allows for far better heating.

2. Automatic Sleep Mode

For the protection purpose, Delonghi comes with an idle state part that shuts off after 9 min of no use. However, most of the drip machines work on high-power consumption, which needs a computerized mode for saving energy.

3. Cup Warmer

One of the finest parts of the Dedica – cup steam plate on the top of the machine. It boasts a cup and actually warms them. You can cook your mug or glass on the topmost part of the device. It produces hot aqua and steams during an operation before serving helps to maintain a steady temp. Try to avoid splashes of liquid and be aware of the roasting plate.

4. Automatic Flow Stop

Sometimes you’ve to deal with overflowing so they can cause burns and stains. To avoid this, you need to invest in those machines with auto dribble stop technology. For your comfort, Delonghi uses this and ensures that the machine stops pouring liquid as soon as you reach the desired level.

5. Easy Cleaning

Before rinsing your Delonghi, turn it off, unplug from the main socket and let it cool.

  • Clean the stainless plate and steam wand right after use. Its portable drip should be clean with a damp cloth.
  • Rinse the netting regularly and make sure the holes are not blocked.
  • Use the pins to cleanse small holes if necessary.
  • You can remove its tank in 2-3 months for refilling and using a damp cloth and mild washing.
  • Clean its boiler outlet.
  • Don’t use solvents or harsh detergents to clean the coffee machine.
  • Its filter case needs the usual washing.
  • Descale the machine when orange light gets on—descaling alert.

Final Verdict ​

In fewer words, it is a beautiful machine that produces high-quality coffee. The right choice for somebody who wants to create a cafe-quality espresso party. However, it gives novices a good chance to dip their toes into the globe of espresso making. It requires small learning curves with some caring guidelines. This machine is fast enough that heats up in 40 seconds and makes a couple of shots at a time. All with its advanced technologies, you’ll be able to save lots of your time, nerves, and energy.

The Delonghi Dedica is one of the foremost functional coffee brewers you’ll find on today’s market at this price. If you recognize the worth of rich delicious espresso, then this machine is right for you. A perfect maker that fits into any corner or countertop plus adds a fashionable look to your kitchen. Enjoy its unique technology that extracts the first-class taste of coffee beans in most effectively and effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. What is the role of three buttons on the control panel?

On top of this machine, there are three keys that are easier to identify and easy to operate. The first button is used for making a single shot of coffee, and the other icon helps to prepare dual shots of drink at the same time. The last icon is for steam that is used for creating milk foam, heating, and cleaning the pipe.

2. When should I descale this machine?

This machine is equipped with an orange light alert. Let the machine prompt you the warning. Regular descaling is vital to remove lime build-up due to the heating. On average, it starts blinking once every three months. We suggest you use an extra filtrated paper or tank as, harder the water higher the descaling frequency.

3. Is Delonghi worth the price?

Yes, it is a good quality machine which priced around $300. You will get all the automatic functions in this machine. Its unique technology provides you cafe-quality coffee. Enjoy the barista life at home and make whatever you want.

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