Cyetus Coffee Machine Review [June 2023]

Cyetus Coffee Maker

  • 30 Grind Settings.
  • Powerful Steam Wand.
  • Pressure Indicator Panel. 
  • Comprises the PID System.  
  • Modern Touch Screen Control.
  • Rotating Design For Different Coffee.

How frequently are you going to make use of your home espresso maker? In case you are currently considering buying a new machine. Hopefully, this short article will have helped you get a step closer to determining the best espresso maker for you.

Coffee has become one of the most loved beverages all over the world nowadays. In most countries, coffee is the primarily used drink in both forms, hot or cold. This is because many coffee shops and cafes have started. But the actual enjoyment for coffee lovers is experienced at home comfort only. 

So, among several homemade coffee equipments, in this article we are going to review, In this article there is description of Cyetus Coffee Machine, this coffee maker which is one of the outstanding equipment used to make barista-like coffee at home, with ease and affordability of every cup that does not need to pay every time for a single coffee and also reduces most of the visits to cafe shops to enjoy a single cup a day !

Lets have an article review for this wonderful cyetus espresso in order to know more about its amazing functioning.

Cyetus Coffee Machine : First Impressions​

cyetus coffee

Cyetus Specifications
Dimensions15.6 x 14.88 x 17.8 inches
Capacity2.8 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
StyleEspresso Machine
Filter TypeReusable
Voltage120 Volts (AC)
Wattage1459 Watts
Special FeatureIntegrated Coffee Grinder, Jug
Warranty1 years

Reasons To Buy

  • Separable Dripping Tray. 
  • Professional Edged Blade.
  • With Conical Burr Grinder.
  • Made Rich Quality Coffee. 
  • Make Different Style Coffee.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Grinder Gets Clogged Usually.

Detailed Specifications​

With this espresso maker, choose your favorite blend and brew the rich, smooth espresso, latte, or cappuccino at home. Enjoy its thermoblock hi-tech feature and auto flow pause features that make 2 drinks within 40 seconds. Read more about it under its depth review-

1. Design And Construction

The design and construction of this coffee equipment is so well equipped and modernized with touch screen functions.

Moreover, it involves many advanced features, including a PID temperature system that controls the machine’s temperature while operating it. In addition, it has 15 bar pressure applied at its maximum level to press the coffee powder so that the smooth, rich espresso comes out of the machine.

cyetus machine

Furthermore, it has a conical burr grinder on the rooftop of the device. This helps the user to freshly grind the beans, and then that freshly ground coffee powder is used to make cafe-like espresso coffee. Then, a steam wand helps to create frothy milk that is added to the coffee to make it homemade, creamy, rich, tasty, and flavorful. 

2. Features And Their Functions

All In One Machine

This machine has all-in-one features that include grinding coffee beans, and freshly grinded coffee powder is used to make espresso-style coffee at home. Moreover, it has a side frother that helps froth the milk and makes it frothy, creamy, and rich in texture.

That frothed milk is then added to the well-pressed coffee with a good amount of flavors. With all these properties, this machine has made it an all-in-one device to perform all the functions related to the coffee machines. Thus, it is expensive but is a close pack with all the coffee-making features. This will reduce any hurdle for the user in coffee making procedure. This fully automatic coffee equipment is used to have a cafe-like coffee in the home.

Water Tank Capacity

It has a water tank that assists in making coffee and is used to steam the milk. It has a 2.8L capacity that is good enough for the user. Thus, it has a good water holding capacity that helps the user have their coffee many times without being interrupted by loading water into it repeatedly.

30 Grind Feature

Cytus has 30 different grind settings to grind your coffee beans as you choose and experience the best homemade coffee. With this feature, it can grind the beans up to 30 settings to assist the user in making coffee of different styles in the home comfort. This feature is applicable and more appropriate to have in this machine as it is an advanced characteristic that can grind the coffee in 30 different styles per the user’s choice and can have good quality coffee at home.

PID Setting

It has an automatic temperature control characteristic that enables the user to operate the machine without danger. It is a kind of safety measure that is an inbuilt feature. Thus, this trait makes this machine one of the best-using espresso machines with frother and grinder. It extracts the best flavor of beans so that coffee has a rich flavor. It also has 30 grinding settings that are more suitable for coffee lovers. It heats faster compared to any other coffee equipment. Thus, it creates denser foam coffee in less time.

High Powered Steam Wand

It has a more powerful steam wand that can use up to 15 bar pressure to form foam and different styles of coffee at home. While running, it uses 120 volts of AC voltage and 1459 watts of wattage. It froths the milk with the help of steam with extreme pressure.

Then, there is a place to keep some accessories at the machine’s top.

Warm Up Rack

It consists of a warm-up rack to heat the glasses before pouring the coffee into them. So, this machine’s coffee is flavorful, tasty, and rich in texture.Touch Screen Panel. It has a touch screen panel that is used to make the setting for the user to operate the machine to make the user choose coffee at home. In addition to this, it has six setting options which mainly operate the system of the machine.

Touch Screen Panel

cyetus machine

It has a touch screen panel that is used to make the setting for the user to operate the machine to make the user choose coffee at home. Moreover, it has six setting options which mainly operate the system of the machine. It involves an on/off power panel that, when touched by the user, can control on and off of the system.

That it has all other options that are further used and customized by the user as per their requirement; on the left side of the panel, options available are power and grinding options that have one part grinding option and second have two part grinding options. If the touch-one grind option is the grinder, crush the coffee beans up to one piece, which means not so much in powdered form. 

Whereas, if the user touches the second option, then the grinder crumbles the coffee into little bit finner particles, more of a powdered form

Removable Tray Holder

It has a detachable tray holder that can help the user to clean the tray and the other surroundings easily. The removable tray is more easily taken out of the main machine and is well adjusted by the user. This feature is good because it helps users adjust and make the coffee effectively.


It is that one accessory used to press the ground coffee into the powered coffee so that it can make the espresso coffee almost perfectly. That’s why it is one of the necessary tools used in coffee making in a technological machine. It is a 58mm portafilter that can be used for a better temping experience that is well equipped with the coffee machine.

Cyetus has lots of accessories included in this package that are further discussed below:

It comprises of 

  • Two espresso glasses
  • One needle
  • One tamper mat
  • One milk frother pitcher
  • One apron
  • One cleaning cloth.
  • One portafilter.
  • One tamper.
  • One bean hopper rubberized top.
  • One milk steaming pitcher.

3. Easy Cleaning

Before rinsing your Cyetus, turn it off, unplug from the main socket and let it cool.

  • Clean the stainless plate and steam wand right after use. Its portable drip should be clean with a damp cloth.
  • Rinse the netting regularly and make sure the holes are not blocked.
  • Use the pins to cleanse small holes if necessary.
  • Clean its boiler outlet.
  • Don’t use solvents or harsh detergents to clean.
  • Its filter case needs the usual washing.

Final Verdict​

It is one of that equipment with almost all features related to coffee devices. Also, it has a coffee grinder, coffee boiler, and milk frother. Thus, it makes all in one piece in the category of coffee equipment.

Moreover, it has easy functioning; a beginner can also use it easily and comfortably. All the instructions are displayed on the control panel with a touch screen Users can choose the button as per their choice to make a cup of coffee or two as per their necessity.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What is the PID system in this coffee Unit?

PID stands for Proportional Integral Derivative, it is an automatic mechanism that keeps the temperature of an espresso machine stable, and the user can increase or decrease the temperature as per their demand.

2. Does it have a 15-bar pump?

Yes, it has a 15-bar pump to make well-pressurized coffee in espresso style, and also this pressure helps to froth the milk to make coffee rich and creamy in its texture. Moreover, its maximum pressure level that can be used to make coffee is about 15- bar capacity.

3. Does it have an auto-cut button to shut it down on its own?

No, this machine has no automatic cut option. It has one power touch panel that can be used to turn on/off manually. No other power automation is unbuilt available in the machine.

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