Breville Infuser Espresso Machine Review [February 2023]

Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

  • Volumetric Control.
  • Manual micro-foam milk texturing.
  • Precise espresso-extraction.
  • Flexible shot control.
  • Maintenance Indicators.

Breville is the worldwide industry leader in the kitchen appliances which includes microwave ovens, blenders, coffee machines, cookers, kettles and many more. All the products are trusted and designed to deliver excellent performance. In this article Breville Infuser Espresso Machine Review, is going to describe the best coffee maker machine that is designed and built having one purpose in mind and, that is to deliver perfectly balanced espresso in every grind. The BES840XL evenly draws flavor from each bean by starting with steady and low pressure to gently expand the grinds for even extraction. During this process all the cracks and irregularities in the coffee beans are filled and every sip of finally poured espresso is evenly flavored.

The infuser espresso machine is packed with features like temperature control, volumetric control, thermocoil heating system, pre-infusion technology and many more. The machine also comes with power saving features. It goes into sleep after one hour and automatically shut itself down if it is not in use for three hours. It also sends you alerts when it needs maintenance or cleaning. Most importantly all the parts that come in contact with water or coffee are completely BPA free. With all these features it easily beats the competition and that too at a lesser price.

This was the general overview of the machine. Kindly go through the whole article below to get a detailed review of the same.

Breville Infuser espresso Machine Review : First Impressions

breville espresso review

Breville Infuser Espresso Specifications
Dimensions12.3″D x 10.1W x 13.1H
MaterialStainless Steel
Power Rate1650 watts
Voltage110-120 volts
Water Capacity61 fl oz
Filter TypeReusable
Weight17 Pounds
Warranty1 year

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfectly balanced taste.
  • Sturdy Body.
  • Appealing Design.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Intuitive control panel.

Reasons To Avoid

  • A bit noisy.
  • Cleaning is messy.

Detailed Specifications​

1. Design and Build

The Breville Infuser has a classic design with a compact form factor. Each component of the body is built from stainless steel and works just fine. Front of the machine has a control panel on the top. This panel has buttons for power, programming, and shot volume. All the buttons are big and backlit which makes them more easily accessible. Also there is a pressure gauge in the middle of the panel which helps you in controlling the pressure during extraction. The gauge is big enough and easy to read.

Moreover it has a standard steam wand and brewer head which is common with all the espresso machines. What makes it different from other espresso makers is a dedicated outlet for hot water which can be very useful when you have people who want americanos, tea, hot chocolate or just simple hot water.

In the back there is a 61 fl oz water container with a replaceable water filter to take out the impurities improving the water quality that is going to be used for espresso extraction. Also it has a 54mm stainless steel portafilter. On the top there is a cup warmer. And also there is a partition for wet and dry spills in the removable drip tray.

2. Features and their functions

(i) Volumetric Control Button

    You never know when you would want to have more or less espresso than your usual cup. So it is better if you buy a machine which has a volume controller. Breville kept this in mind and provided this feature in its Infuser espresso machine. There is a dedicated button to control the volume of the coffee at every pour. You don’t need to bother much. You can get your coffee at the desired volume just by pressing a single button.

(ii) Precise Espresso-Extraction

    The Breville infuser can provide the absolute flavor to your espresso because of its low pressure pre-infusion feature which pours the steam slowly into the cracks of the coffee beans with low pressure. This reduces the cracks and the irregularities in the beans  The temperature and pressure is controlled by a digital PID controller. This controller allows you to adjust the temperature in 4F increments. There is also a pressure gauge which gives you control over the applied pressure during extraction. Thus going from all these processes ultimately gives you even  and perfectly balanced flavor in each sip.

(iii) Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

   An espresso is always incomplete without foam. A perfect cafe styled foam is difficult to make at home. But with the Breville infuser espresso machine you don’t have to worry about this foam thing. The machine features a high power 1650 W element which inserts high pressure steam into the milk, speeding up the heating process. This creates thousands of tiny bubbles in the milk and thus micro-foam is made which makes your coffee perfectly cafe styled. Also you can enjoy the flawless latte art at home from this machine.

(iv) Flexible Shot Control  

  The Breville infuser espresso machine can pour two cups together. So you can choose between one shot or two shots by pressing the button from the control panel. There are dedicated buttons for both 1 shot and 2 shots.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning an espresso machine can be totally messy. There are many parts of the machine which are not easily accessible. And there are also some internal parts which need cleaning but there is no way to know when they need to be cleaned. The Infuser has a solution for this problem. It features special alert features that prompts when the machine used to be cleaned. So you don’t have to wonder about when to clean or when not to clean the machine.

There is also an allen key included in the package which gives you the  access to tha back side of the machines. This can be a little tricky for a new user but you can clean each and every part effortlessly once you get used to it.

Included Accessories

  1.  Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets.
  2.  Coffee Scoop.
  3.  Stainless Steel Jug.
  4.  Cleaning Disc & Tablets.
  5.  Cleaning Tool.
  6.  Water Filter with Holder.

Final Verdict​

There are certain factors that you keep in mind while buying an espresso machine. These factors include user friendly handling, machine’s long life, cleaning and maintenance etc. And the Breville infuser espresso machine takes care of all these factors. It is easy to use, has a sturdy body and maintenance and cleaning are not very typical.

Packed with amazing features like volumetric control, manual micro-foam milk texturing, precise espresso-extraction, flexible shot control, maintenance Indicators, this machine easily stands in front of the other espresso makers in the market. But the most important feature that really makes it stand above the others is its pre-infusion espresso extraction. This feature allows the machine to extract the absolute flavor from each coffee bean and make perfectly balanced and evenly flavored espresso.

It also gives you control over temperature and pressure, makes perfect velvety foam, has a separate outlet for hot water, and can pour two cups at a time. So if you are looking for a machine that can make perfect cafe style espresso with ease without you learning any skills, then this might be the best pick for you.

1. How much time does it take to steam the milk after the shot is pulled?

It depends upon the individual’s taste. If you want a jug full of thick fluffy foam then it will take about 40-45 seconds and if you want a jug of rich velvety foam then it will take about 25-30 seconds.

2.  Is this espresso machine a single boiler or a double boiler?

It does not have any boilers.It has a heating coil instead and these coils are made up of stainless steel.

3. What kind of beans give the best espresso?

Freshly roasted beans are the best. But you need to find a local coffee shop to get them because these are not easily available at every coffee shop.

4. How long is the warranty provided by the company?

Breville infuser espresso machine comes with a warranty period of 1 year from the company.

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