Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Review [June 2023]

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Maker

  • Easy to Wash.
  • Consistent Gear.
  • Auto Milk Frother.
  • Hands-Free Usage.
  • Top-Notch Espresso.
  • Stainless Steel Design.
  • Powerful Steam Pressure.

Now, make cafe-quality drinks at home with Breville’s Bambino Plus. It is an economical and effortless option for making a delicious cup of espresso. Each aspect, from grind to extraction and micro-foam milk texture, all operations execute this single machine.

Breville is an Australian brand well known for home appliances. It provides thoughtful design and long-lasting products. Breville created a range of automatic and manual espresso machines. They follow unique traditions and techniques to achieve ultimate taste experiences. These coffee machines have a specialty that there are no cutting corners.

The Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine uses the 4 Keys formula. It is designed to use the right amount of freshly ground beans. Bambino Plus has optimal water pressure and ensures precise temperature controls. It creates true micro-foam milk to deliver a harmonious blend of espresso and velvety-textured milk.

Our primary approach is to find affordable as well as best espresso machine that could satisfy beginners and intermediate users.

Breville Bambino Plus review: First Impressions​

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Review

Breville Bambino Plus Coffee Machine Specifications
Dimensions7.7 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Power Rate1560 W
Weight14.22 lbs
Capacity64 oz
Pressure Pump9 Bar
Drip TrayRemovable
Warranty2 years

Reasons To Buy

  • Simple to Use.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • High-Grade Parts.
  • Precise Extraction.
  • Light And Compact.
  • Adjustable Milk Temperature.
  • Suitable For Single Or Double Shots.
  • Hands-Free Automated Steam Wand.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Without An In-Built Grinder.

Breville Espresso Machine: Detailed Specifications​

1. Design

The small footprint of the Bambino Plus supports slimline, soft edges, and curved design. However, the compact style is suitable for keeping on the countertop due to its lightweight and small form factor.

This Breville espresso machine is a silent design that makes it appealing for those who wake up earlier. All of the components of the large espresso makers are fitted in their compact body. The machine’s body should be stable while inserting the portafilter when its rear water tank is not full. The drip tray size is small and requires more maintenance.

This simple design espresso contains buttons on the front that are single shot, double shot, and steam the milk. Besides, it also includes controls for milk temperature and foam settings.

2. Brewing


This fantastic machine packs wonderful features to help you get a smooth-looking coffee. A full-bodied coffee has rich and complex flavors using the ideal 19g dose delivered by a commercial-style 54mm portafilter. Breville is known for producing consistent and high-quality shots. You can select either single shot or double shot while brewing from the control panel.

The Bambino Plus delivers optimal flavor with every cup of coffee. It pre-infuses coffee ground with low, steady water pressure before extraction and gently expands the grounds before stepping up to higher pressure.

3. Heat Setting

It involves an innovative thermojet heating system that is ready to make the best coffee without the wait. It achieves optimum extraction thermal setting in 3 seconds with the immediate transition from espresso to steam. So, this coffee machine is always ready to make the best coffee and espresso without delays.

4. Milk Frother

Milk Frother

The most exciting feature is the milk frothing that aerates the milk and creates thick and heavy foam. The biggest benefit of its automatic steam wanding section is that it doesn’t require input to texture the milk. You only need to place the wand in the milk pitcher, and the rest operation will perform its auto-steam wand. Adjustable milk temp and texture enable you to make ideal-tasting coffee and espresso. Choose from three different heat settings and three milk texture settings for microfoam milk.

For cleaning, it has an in-built automatic cleaning system that is helpful as there is no need for manual washing. It also washes the steam wand, and you can steam the milk manually.

5. Pump Pressure/ Extraction

Control temperature through a digital temperature control system (PD) extracts flavors precisely at the exact temperature. Firstly, the pre-infusion creates pucks of coffee ground at low pressure. Then it achieves 9 Bar high pressure through a 15 bar Italian pump during the extraction process. The pre-infusion settings are the real modification in an espresso maker.

6. Ease of Use

Ease of Use

It uses a simple design and interactive interface that offer straightforward operation. There are no extra skills required. One can easily make great-quality shots as per their choices. The manual intervention needs only for filling the water tank.

It takes only three seconds to heat up and rapidly switch from extracting and steaming. This is an outstanding feature that makes the Bambino Plus stand out from others.

Use pre-ground coffee if one doesn’t have a precise built-in grinder. With the double-wall option, you get an excellent shot, so it has the ability to keep the original aroma composites from the roaster.

7. Accessories

It comes with a 54mm tamper that is a precision dose trimming tool. Along with it, it involves a stainless steel milk jug of 16 ounces capacity and 1 & 2 dual-wall filter baskets. These are the standard things while buying an espresso machine. However, you need a grinder for raw and fresh coffee grounds if you are not using a coffee powder.

In addition to this, it has offers of 2 years limited warranty. You have great customer service that is useful while something unlikely happens.

Final Verdict​

This Breville espresso machine is perfect for those who have developed their taste and need a reliable home setup. It provides convenience and builds barista skills. The user can pull rich and consistent shots and catch some nuanced flavor of premium roasts. This small and compact footprint solves your limited space issues and takes less space in your kitchen. It can easily fit in tight spaces. Therefore, it is a powerful punch that is the right match for your lifestyle. The user-friendly interface lets the customer operate smoothly and quickly.

It is constructed from brushed stainless steel that is more durable than plastic rivals. This energy-efficient unit has 1560 Watts of power. However, it carries a premium price value, but it presents reliable and no-fuss operation results. All of your investment is worthwhile as it combines with useful features. It boasts several features that you would rarely find in other coffee makers. This machine makes high-quality espresso with effort.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Does this machine include a hot water dispenser?

Yes, Bambino comprises a water tank at its backside that is later used. You have to press one cup and froth control buttons at the same time. It gives hot water out of the steam wand, and to stop, press only one cup button.

2. How to descale a Breville Espresso Machine?

It is a simple process; you need to follow the instructions.

  • After every use of the machine, you should clean the steam wand and mold.
  • Dump out the debris inside the drip collector.
  • Scrub and rinse the drip tray every day to avoid a bad smell.
  • Clear the filter baskets to prevent blockage. 

3. What is the difference between Bambino and Bambino Plus?

The water tank capacity is different where Bambino Plus holds 1.9 L and simple bambino has 1.4L. One of the major variations is the automatic texture and heat control present in Bambino +. So the functionality is distinct.

4. Can we make iced lattes with this machine?

Breville’s Bambino model can extract espresso and milk foam, but you need to put ice over it manually for a latte.

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