Braun 10-Cup Brewsense Coffee Maker Review [March 2023]

Braun 10-Cup Brewsense Coffee Maker Review

  • Click Settings.
  • Auto Shut Feature.
  • Muti – Serve Brewer.
  • Energy Saving Setup.
  • Drip Stop Technology.
  • Removable Water Tank.
  • Water Heat Temperature.

Braun 10-Cup Brewsense Coffee Maker Review is an outstanding coffee maker; it can make 10 cups at a time. It has many advanced-level features that can be helpful for the user to adjust the settings accordingly and enjoy their cup of coffee. The thermal attribute of this machine makes your coffee warm up to 6 hrs. 

Moreover, it has excellent durability as its entire body and outer structure is made of stainless steel. In addition, it has an LCD that shows various indications while operating the device, so users can quickly run it. 

In this article, there is a detailed review of the Braun KF7175 BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker. Complete information and the working of this machine are discussed here. Let’s jump into this and know the attractive characteristics of this equipment with the relish moments of making the coffee for yourself and others. 

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Braun 10-Cup Brewsense Coffee Maker Review: First Impressions

braun 10-cup brewsense coffee maker review

Braun 10-Cup Brewsense Coffee Maker Specifications
Dimensions7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches
Capacity10 Cubic Centimeters
MaterialStainless Steel
TypeDrip Coffee Machine
Wattage1000 watts
Weigh7.6 Pounds
WarrantyOne year

Reasons To Buy

  • Charcoal Filter.
  • Serve 10 Cups One Time.
  • Water Level Signal Indicator.
  • Easy To Look Through Display.
  • Options For Coffee Strength Types.
  • Thermal Carafe Hold On Warm up to 6hrs.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Instructions Displayed Are Unclear.
  • No Alarm On Completion Of Brewing.

Braun 10-Cup Brewsense: Detailed Specification

This drip coffee maker device is featured with unique facets that make the coffee more optimal, flavorful, aromatic, and even influential to others. Hence, it has a temperature control panel, indicator display, thermal capacity, good storage volume, and a firm design that can be fit anywhere. 

Hence, it uses only 1000 watts and a 120 V power supply to run. It is a user-friendly device that does not cause much electricity consumption. The weight of this equipment is also not too much that it becomes difficult for the user to port it from one place to another.

One of its remarkable traits is that it has a Brew Strength Selector that permits the user to have their coffee in regular or strong mode. Thus, we can say that it makes the coffee per user’s choice. 

Furthermore, it has a top-end LCD with a 24 hr timer preinstalled in it, making coffee for you right when you want. Its smallest quantity of brewing coffee is 1-4 cups without any adjustment to the taste. Moreover, it also poses a drip system that involves pouring coffee into the pot or mug by dripping. 

Design And Construction

This equipment is made of stainless steel, more durable than any other. So, it is a long-lasting machine in the face of its strength. Thus, it can be a user-friendly product to enjoy coffee at home. It has a filter coffee option; inside the machine, there is a segment where you have to adjust the filter paper to have filtered coffee from this coffee maker.

Besides this filter, it comes up with filter made of charcoal paper that gives you improved filtered coffee by perceiving the irksome flavors and scent from your cup of coffee.

Other than this, it is designed to work automatically also. There is a time set option available in it with which users can set the timer accordingly when they want coffee. With this automatic feature, one can get their coffee at a set time. 

Additionally, with this machine, the customer gets a thermal carafe that assists the coffee to remain warm for up to 6 hrs. It is a “set it and forget it” machine where the user doesn’t have to face any difficulty operating it. This maker is fully automatic and handles all the functions on its own on just one user command. 


This coffee maker is programmed with another outstanding characteristic that in between while brewing, there is an auto stop button viewed on the front side of the machine. Thus, the automatic brewing stops when pressed, and the user can take out one cup from that filled pot. More than six knobs are on the machine’s front edge, including various options: brew, clean, clock, set, bold, and 1-4.

Power This knob controls the on/off function of the machine. After the electric power supply is applied to the device, the power button is pressed by the user to start the appliance’s functioning.

Brew This feature, when pressed by the user, allows them to choose the strength of the coffee, whether regular or bold. This is done with the help of the brew strength selector option designed on the machine.

Auto-On This feature implies that it has an automatic option that enables the user to set the timings so that they can get ready to have coffee by the time they set.

Clean The property of the machine makes the user clean their appliance by setting different hardness levels of water.

Clock It consists of a programmable 24- hr timer that users can set at their convenience. With this feature, the coffee for the user will be ready by the time they get ready too. When the coffee is made, the auto button automatically shuts off the machine, so the user does not want to be worried.

Set This option is for the user’s setting to adjust as per their choice. Users can enjoy an authentic taste, optimal temperature, and a flavorful cup of coffee anytime and anywhere. 

Bold This feature assists the user in adjusting the coffee strength type. It has two types one is regular, and the other is bold type. By pressing this option, users can choose their choice of coffee. 

1-4 By choosing this option, the user can make 1 to 4 cups instead of the whole filled coffee pot. This maker has the feature to make 1 to 4 cups at a time in place of making a whole.


Brewsense Drip Coffee Maker comes in the market with wonderful features to experience the user the best coffee in their home environment. The working of this device includes startup of the machine with electric power of 1000 watts and 120 v. After that, the machine is programmed to set the levels of brewing the coffee.

The user can set the measures as per their choice. It contains a 2-liter water capacity tank that is used in coffee making. Moreover, it has a gold filter paper used to filter the water from its impurities and another filter paper of charcoal that gives the homemade coffee essential oils for good taste and aroma. 

braun 10-cup brewsense coffee maker review

Furthermore, it has various functions at the forefront of the device. All these features are the main concern for the working of the machine. Users, as per their requirement, made the coffee of their taste. A brew knob is used to start the brewing process, which involves heating water and mixing coffee into the boiling water. 

Then there is an auto-on button that the user has to press when they want to set the timings and need coffee ready by that time. When selected at the set time, this option automatically starts to brew the coffee, and then it automatically gets off.

When pushed, a clean option initiates the process of internal cleaning of the machine, which will be assisted by the filtered charcoal paper and gold brew filter. This option cleans the overall internal parts of this coffee maker.

This feature is used to set the timings and when the user wants their coffee ready as it is set by the user while showing the numbers on the display screen. The time is set as per the need. Coffee will be ready to have at that time. This is one of the stunning features of the Braun KF7175 BrewSense that make it one of the special among other coffee makers.

The user chooses the set option; it helps to adjust the other settings available in this machine. To set the time, the buyer must adjust the clock timings and then press the set knob to confirm the changes. After this, there is a option for coffee strength type that, when pressed, initiates the procedure of how strong the individual has to have a cup of fur themselves or for others. It involves two choices: regular coffee that is not too strong and bold, which is more vital than regular coffee. 

In addition, it comes with a thermal carafe that can keep your brewed coffee warm for up to 6hrs. It is packed with this carafe to provide the buyer with a fresh and best coffee experience at home comfort. 

Final Verdict

It is the best-used coffee maker machine that can be the most used and be well known by the users as its functioning is easy and provides ten coffee cups at a one-time brew. It is an easy-to-handle device and assists the user in having the best coffee with their friends and family at home with no more mess and trouble visiting coffee shops again and again to have paid coffee every time.

Frequently Asked Questions ​

1. How many times can this machine be used for brewing?

It can be used no. of times by the user; at one-time brewing, it makes 10 cups of coffee. But users can make a no. of cups by using it multiple times per their needs.

2. Does it have the feature of filtered coffee?

Yes, it has two filters set into this machine: a brew gold filter that helps collect the impurities from the water used in brewing and a filter that is made of charcoal paper provides essential oils and aroma to the cup of your coffee. Thus, it is an excellent coffee maker with drip technology that ensures the user has a real taste of coffee many times in their home environment.

3. Does it have any function that allows the user to have strong or regular coffee?

Yes, it has a Brew option through which users can adjust the strength of the coffee they want to enjoy. It has two choices: to make regular coffee and to have a strong brewed coffee as per their taste.

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