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Gourmet Coffee
What is Gourmet Coffee?

What makes it so special?

Is it really a different experience?

 Gourmet Coffee is sometimes called "specialty" or "premium" coffee and is usually made from very high quality coffee beans grown under ideal climate conditions. The majority of the time the bean is an Arabica coffee bean. Gourmet coffees can have very different flavors depending on how they are grown. An organic shade grown coffee plant in Columbia will produce a different flavor bean then  a coffee plant grown on a volcanic island in Hawaii. Gourmet coffee beans when roasted give a distinctive aroma and opening a bag of fresh roasted gourmet coffee beans is one of the best smells in the world. There is just something about the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans especially if they are of high grade and in the class of gourmet or premium. Some of these beans may have been grown in an exotic place or grown with some type special attention given to the plants.

Simply put, gourmet coffee is very high grade coffee which is different from the regular coffee that you find everywhere.

If you are use to drinking your national brand supermarket bought coffee you will notice a distinct difference in the taste of a truly gourmet coffee. One brand of gourmet coffee may have a robust taste and another may have a rich smooth taste. You really need not be an expert to enjoy this coffee but it will help you appreciate the taste more if you knew the real difference between a gourmet coffee and your regular everyday coffee.

Kona Coffee - Perfect example of a gourmet coffee.
Kona Coffee is grown only one place in the world and that is on the Island of Hawaii, on the golden Kona Coast, on a very small number of Kona coffee farms. Most of these farms are owned by the same "kama'aina" families for generations.
But there is still a difference between one Kona coffee and another Kona coffee. The sought after Extra Fancy is the top grade with the largest beans, and then there is the very rare Peaberry Kona Coffee.
The tiny Peaberry is the rarest of the rare among Kona Coffee beans.  Only 3 - 5% of the entire  Hawaii coffee crop produces the Peaberry coffee beans.  The Peaberry's compact bean roasts evenly and intensifies the characteristic Kona Coffee flavor which you taste the very first time you drink the coffee and every time thereafter. You will usually pay $28 to $40 a pound for real Kona Coffee especially the Peaberry. Some farms in Hawaii do sell the smaller 8 oz bags for around $15. For me this is one of those coffees you purchase for that special occasion. For freshness I would buy from the roasters in Hawaii.

This is what I know about gourmet coffee. I would like to hear from some other people out there that know their coffee and can add some more info in the comment section. I am working on a new website at and could use some more content about Gourmet Coffee.


Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee Beans

Your high quality gourmet blends consist mostly of 100% Arabica beans while lower quality and cheaper blends may have some proportion of Robusta beans or even consist entirely of Robusta. Arabica beans have a noticeably superior taste and is more flavorful and complex than Robusta. Robusta tends to make a more bitter brew.

So you ask: Why do people drink Robusta Coffee if it is of such lower quality as compared to Arabica Coffee? It all comes down to price. Robusta coffee plants are easier to grow and will grow in all sorts of environmental conditions. The Arabica coffee trees are a lot more choosy and will grow only in relatively cool climates in temperatures ranging from 59 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.  Robusta coffee plants will produce their crops within two to three years as compared to the Arabica trees which take up to four to five years to mature. The faster crops means more coffee beans which in turn will mean quicker crop sales for the farmers.

A lot of roasters will prefer to buy the Robusta beans because they are a lot cheaper than the Arabica beans. They can be sold to the average consumers at a much lower price in canned and vacuumed packed formats in supermarkets and department stores. Robusta coffee can also be brewed to make instant coffee at a much lower price. The instant coffee drinker is not quite the connoisseur of coffee like the whole bean Arabica or Kona coffee drinker. Another technique that roasters use is that they mix Arabica with Robusta Coffee together so that they can still get the rich Arabica flavor in the cheaper less expensive brew.

Different varieties of Arabica beans are grown throughout the world and each region is known to produce a variety that is distinct and unique from the rest. These varieties can range from the strong tasting Columbian Arabica Coffee which has a strong, bold taste to it, to the milder flavored varieties. Flavor can vary within a growing region due to factors such as weather, altitude, soil type, soil richness, organic farming and the amount or shade the coffee plantation receives. In fact some coffee is grown completely in the shade and 100% organic.

For these reasons and more, the Arabica bean is one of the best choices for making a Gourmet Coffee.


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Gourmet Coffee What is Gourmet Coffee? What makes it so special? Is it really a different experience? - Gourmet Coffee is sometimes called "specialty" or "premium" coffee and is usually made from very high quality coffee beans grown under ideal climate conditions.

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