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People love coffee and and many of us get the coffee pot started in the morning before we do anything else. Many times we use a coffee brewer that is made for a whole pot of coffee, 10 to 12 cups. Many times we end up wasting some coffee because all we really wanted was a cup or two. Another thing is if you buy a big can of coffee, it will most likely get stale after a while. Sometimes due to the shortage of time, we don't make coffee at home but wait to get it on the way to work or when we get to work.

If either one of these sound like you then you may want to take a look at the single serve coffee makers below.

Not only that you'll get your drink in no time, but you also won't have to worry about the clean up process. It's safe to say that they are a blessing if you have tight schedules or simply a love for coffee.

Single cup coffee makers are perfect for single people and those that just want a better cup of coffee than a normal coffee pot will allow. Not only that you'll get your coffee in no time, but you also won't have to worry about the clean up process. A single cup coffee maker gives you a higher quality cup of coffee because it was designed for just that, one premium cup of coffee.

Single cup coffee makers are a bit more expensive than multi-cup coffee makers. This is because normally the only coffee you can use in them is sold in "pod" form. This is basically a self contained package that has coffee inside little flat oval shaped filters. There are a few name brands such as Senseo, Keurig, Tassimo, Nespresso and Mr. Coffee that you can't go wrong with but you should definitely shop around and read the reviews that are provided with the Single Serve Coffee Machines listed here.

Each single cup coffee maker tends to be unique. Some will let you change the strength you desire or if you want four or eight ounces of coffee. Some will put foam or froth on top of each cup. There are many different options available to you.

When it comes to types of single serving coffee available for sale, there are four general ones. The most common ones are coffee pods and K kup brewers, and other viable options are also T disk and Nespresso coffee capsule makers. You should know that coffee pods can be used for a variety of single cup makers like Senseo pod maker. Also speaking of the varieties that you can utilize by taking advantage of such devices, there's no match to coffee pod preparing machines. On the other hand, k kups are only going to work with Keurig brewing models also limited to the number of coffee flavors available and similar options.

On top of that, T discs only work along with Tassimo brewing models whilst Nespresso capsules can also be used by using the models based upon the Nespressno coffee machine technology! You should know that both of these coffee makers are offering very limited options when it comes to flavors and different coffee types. T disc makers offer nearly 50 aromas whilst Nespresso can utilize 12 varieties.

Speaking of price, all coffee makers are differently priced and the cost of each cup is as well. A certain type of coffee pod machine like the senseo pod maker is going to cost you on average from $96 up to $100 and a regular 4 oz cup is going to cost $0.20. And if you are one of those people that are looking for even stronger coffee, the price per cup goes up to $0.40.

Basic Keurig makers on the other hand cost around $100 and each cup to the consumer is around $0.40. Similar to that, T disk makers are a little expensive as well and a basic one can be purchased for around $130. A single cup of coffee in this case would cost around $0.56. This type of coffee makers can also make cappuccinos (regular) that cost $1.12 per cup.

Finally, the most expensive option there is out there are the Nespresso coffee makers that average around $200 per machine. And in most cases people use two capsules along with every drink, increasing the price to $1 per cup..



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