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Save Money, Save Time: Three Steps That Can Assist You In Making A Vanilla Latte At Home and… With Love

Some people who drink coffee often want to spruce it up by doing more than just adding milk, sugar or cream to it. If you’re this type of person and you like the taste of vanilla, then why not get both cravings satisfied at once with a vanilla latte.  You might be thinking, “Sure, I’d love one but I don’t want to pay an arm and leg for one.”

Guess what? You don’t have to!  This popular coffeehouse drink contains nothing more than steamed milk, espresso, milk froth and vanilla syrup mixed together. All you have to do is purchase a couple of things in the beginning to make your own vanilla latte right at home, saving you both time and money in the long run. What could be better than that?

Think about it for just a moment. There’s no need to make that trip to the coffee shop every morning to get yourself a vanilla latte. With the right equipment and all the ingredients at hand, you don’t have to get out every morning to get your vanilla. You can make it yourself, right in the comfort of your own home. And if you want more than one, you can make it.

Don’t Keep Giving Your Money To Coffeehouses: How To Make Yourself A Homemade 12-Ounce Vanilla Latte

What Milk Type Should You Use: It Boils Down To Your Preference

The kind of milk used will determine what the vanilla latte is also “called”. For the most part, coffee shops use either whole milk or two percent milk for their vanilla lattes. However, you have the option to use any milk variety you want. If you decide to stick with skim milk, your vanilla latte is known as a “skinny latte”. If you decide to use the half and half milk, you’re making a “breve latte”. When you use soy milk, you will be making a “soy latte”.

Step 1 – Steam The Milk

The first thing you need to do on your way to making a vanilla latte is to pour 10 ounces of your milk choice into a stainless steel steaming pitcher that has a food thermometer. Now, put the steaming wand tip at the milk surface. Begin heating up the milk by turning the dial counterclockwise. You want the steaming wand tip to be right above the milk surface so that froth is created. To get the perfect froth, you’ll need to listen out for a hissing sound; this will give your froth the consistency seen with shaving cream.

Bear in mind that lattes only need a minute amount of froth. Thus, you can place the steaming wand a bit further into the milk so it finishes heating it. Make sure you’ve made enough froth for two spoonfuls. You need to watch temperature carefully on the thermometer. Once the milk reaches 150 to 160 degrees, turn off the steamer. This gives the milk some room to either rise to 170 degrees or fall back to 140 degrees. You should never let the milk reach 180 degrees, as it will burn. Once you’re done steaming the milk, clean it with a clean but wet cloth immediately.


Step 2 – Add In The Flavor

You cannot have a vanilla latte without adding vanilla to it! It’s just not possible! Sure, you’ll have a tasty latte but adding vanilla to it makes a world of difference. Pick out your preferred cup/mug that you plan on using. Add just an ounce of vanilla syrup to the cup (more if you want it sweeter). Many coffee shops will use the Torani brand flavors; you can find these flavors, in smaller sizes, at many specialty food stores.

Now, to get your espresso, you’ll need to pour the steamed milk into the cup you put the vanilla syrup in. Use the spoon to get back the froth. Pour until there is two inches of space for the froth and shots in your cup/mug.


Step 3 – Grind The Beans For Shots Of Espresso

If you want to get the freshest espresso ever, you’ll need to grind the beans before pulling the shots. Once you’ve done this, load the freshly ground beans into the portafilter handle. Be sure to tamp level before you insert the handle into the espresso machine.  You want your shots to come in between 18 and 23 seconds so utilize a timer to get it perfect.

Once you’ve pulled one (two if you’re looking for a strong coffee flavor) shot(s) of espresso, you need to pour that immediately into the steamed milk cup/mug. Bear in mind that you’ve got about 10 seconds before the concoction loses its flavor and bitterness starts.

After you’ve poured the espresso, you’ll need to stir to mix the espresso, milk and vanilla together. Top it all off with one or two spoonfuls of either froth or whipped cream.

All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy your vanilla latte… made with love and at home!

Side Note: It’s important not to become discouraged if your vanilla latte is not coming out like the coffee shops. Making those types of specialty coffees is art and science mix together. It only means you need to practice to get it down perfect.  Be mindful of the fact that you’re dealing with hot equipment so don’t get burned.


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