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The Peaberry - Rare Kona and Tanzanian Peaberry

Premium coffees are usually classified according to their country or region of origin. Peaberry, however, is not a classification of geographic origin, but is a identifier of the type of coffee bean itself. Typically, coffee beans form on a coffee plant containing two halves. Each half is flat where they join, but sometimes only one side becomes fertilized. This such a case, the coffee cherry contains only one bean and as it grows, it does not form a flat side, but grows into the size and shape of a pea. Peaberry coffee beans are separated from the rest of the beans during the harvest.

Peaberry coffee beans exist among all coffee varieties and the different peaberry types are designated by their geographic origin. The two most popular types of peaberry coffee are Tanzanian and Kona. Tanzanian is the more popular and readily available, but Kona is considered by many to be the highest grade of peaberry coffee and many even designate it as the champagne of coffee. Kona is unique to Hawaii and only 5-10% of all coffee beans harvested are of the peaberry variety. This makes Kona coffee beans relatively rare. The superiority of the bean makes it more robust in flavor and more naturally flavorful than regular coffee beans.

One of the most aromatic coffees available is the Tanzanian peaberry. There are various grades and types of Tanzanian peaberry coffees, but all originate from the same area of Tanzania near the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjero. Whichever peaberry you choose, you can expect a lighter bodied and slightly brighter acidic taste.

What is a Peaberry? KW Peaberries, coffee beans,

Peaberries, also known as caracol, are a type of gourmet coffee bean where a single bean forms as it grows within the cherry rather than the typical two flat bean halves. Normally, the fruit of a coffee plant develops as two halves within one cherry, but when only one of the two seeds is fertilized, the result is a peaberry. The name comes from their shape and size which are smaller and more oval than regular whole coffee beans. Highly prized and somewhat scarce, they are sorted from the rest of the normal-sized coffee beans. About 5% of all coffee beans come in this variation.

Some believe the unique shape and size of the peaberry imparts a better taste and allows for a deeper and more even roast than what you find in flat beans. It's possible, however, that the real quality likely comes from the careful attention that comes from quality selection during the harvesting phase. Such great care during the selection process invariably means that the entire harvest is of the highest quality.

There are various kinds of peaberries, with Kona and Tanzanian being among the most popular. The demand for this more complex-tasting coffee is growing fast as suppliers are seeking new ways to purchase these beans. Some suppliers go so far as to reach out directly to farmers who don't typically sell them after the separation process. Because of the rarity of peaberries and the growing market, this gourmet coffee is in demand more demand than ever.

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Kona Coffee - Gold Of Hawaii
There are many good coffees that are produced around the world to give coffee connoisseurs a delightful variety of flavors and aromas to try. There is one coffee that is one of a true connoisseur favorite and that is the a coffee from Hawaii called Kona Coffee.

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