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Ganoderma Mushroom Coffee - Health Benifits Of Mushrooms

Ganoderma Mushroom Coffee

Ganoderma coffee is gaining in popularity as more and more people become aware of its medicinal properties of these special mushrooms. There are many types of mushrooms that have some form of medical use with ganoderma mushrooms being the most popular and widely used. As more people take charge of their health care the use of the mushrooms have been growing in popularity. Many people report positive results from drinking the ganoderma coffee. I have personally been drinking this coffee since April 5th and have noticed a difference in a problem that a lot of men over 50 experience. With out getting into a lot of detail all I can say is the bathroom experience is a lot better. You males with the problem know what I mean. This coffee has helped me. As far as helping you,,,I don't know, but I do know others that claim it has helped them with this and other problems. Read theTestimonies of Java Impact Coffee Drinkers and what one Naturopath, Herbalist has written.

You will find more information about these mushrooms below and in the video page. I have decided to write some extra special articles about this subject because this is the fastest growing segment of the coffee industry.

Java Impact from JavaFit Coffee

Java Impact Coffee offers a delicious and healthy coffee containing Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Mushroom) plus 13 other mushrooms. These mushrooms have a history that dates back more than 4,000 years. Ancient generations realized Ganoderma provided them more vigor and energy, while reducing fatigue. Read the testimonies below and learn more.

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Java Impact ganoderma coffee is unlike any other coffee you have ever tried... We begin with the finest green certified organic Arabica coffee beans, grown in nutrient-rich soil on natural farms without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or other chemicals. We then take these premium organic beans and hand roast them in small batches to perfection. Them we blend in organically grown in the United States mushrooms to make this the best tasting coffee that you will ever drink.

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Testimonies of - Java Impact Coffee Drinkers

I have been drinking JavaIMPACT since it became available, and I have experienced a noticeable improvement in two different areas; First, a heightened sense of health and well-being, and that's why I call it my "Happy Coffee." I have also been suffering from prostatitis the last few years and it is absolutely wonderful to enjoy an increase in flow and pressure while urinating. It make going to the mens room a pleasure, and I am sleeping better than I have in years. I am sure that as I continue to drink JavaIMPACT I will truly experience the power of the Shooms in stamina and virility. Javalution, this product is off-the-hook. Hoo! Hoo!

Blake Higginbotham - 57 years young!

I am a server in the restaurant industry, and pain and body aches are par for the course. Until two weeks ago, I was suffering from acute joint and back pain. That is when I started drinking JavaIMPACT. Within the first few days, I began to experience considerable relief with the joint and back pain, and it just seems to get better and better. I am looking forward to a full recover and a much happier pain-free life.

Julia Higginbotham - 59 Years Young


This is GREAT stuff-- and I think it should be named simply WOW!! I didn't know what to expect, and felt really good after the first cup yesterday. I noticed that my usual joint pain steadily grew less and less as the day wore on, which is most unusual. I also stayed sharp and focused all day, and since I get up and begin my day at 3:30AM and work til about 9pm most of the time, that is a small miracle. I'm usually so sleepy by the time 5pm or so rolls around that no one can get more than a one word answer to anything out of me. Not yesterday.I got up this morning and was very regular indeed-- same time as usual-- but more healthy. I also woke up with energy-- feeling great! Usually it takes me a couple hours out working to get really awake, but not today!! And I haven't even had the second cup yet.  I'm getting ready for my breakfast and second cup now..  

Chaplain David Carter


It was really invigorating and tasted great!!  I personally noticed that if I had a headache --it took it away and I felt more focused. Fran thought it gave her more energy.  

Glenn Sprague


"We had our meeting thursday night with our team members and universally everyone felt that it was extremely smooth and silky and later in the night we all got pretty silly!" Jeannie D – Live Oak, FL

Most of the time I use cream with my coffee... So far I am very impressed and don't see a need to add creamer... Very impressed with the product. I have experience with some of the instant mushroom coffees and Impact is simply in a higher category. I feel more alert, less irritable, and slept very well. Very impressed considering I was drinking the coffee well into the evening after I normally would not be drinking coffee.  I very much look forward to sharing this with others... Cheers.
Gary  C – Edmonton, AB

The first thing I noticed was the aroma of the coffee.... It had a very fresh and rich smell. I also like the packaging of the coffee.  I guess I would describe the taste as smooth with no after taste like a lot of other brands have.  As far as any noticeable benefits, the coffee did seem to put me in a more'relaxed' mood. Great tasting product with tons of medicinal benefits!

Dr.Brian Bonner - Atlanta, GA

After a particularly stressful and tiring weekend I brewed an ounce of the coffee ( 5 cups) and after drinking the second cup I was absolutely more alert and less tired. Before that I was not being very productive due to tiredness but now WOW..   

Peak Performance Ken, FL

The taste is awesome!  About 4 people tasted it with me and they also say the same thing that the taste is great!  My wife she was feeling pain in her lower leg, and the pain is gone.   ...I also see this in my wife… she gets tired easily but after drinking the IMPACT Coffee, I haven’t heard say I am tired.   This is very interesting. Please don’t laugh… for the past few days, I have been asking my wife, how come her sexual desire has increase.   There is something about this coffee! I don’t know if it is advantage or disadvantage but it makes me want to drink more coffee.   From the results I have seen for the past 4 to 5 days drinking this coffee it is amazing. I made a pot of coffee during our Thanksgiving dinner, the coffee was gone within few minutes and people were asking for more but I refused to make more because I wanted to save it for the rest days.    Blessings,  

George E. – San Francisco, CA


I think it has a great taste. Everyone here who has tried it, liked it. I think the primary benefit is the improvement in attitude, which leads to stress reduction which affects a whole range of events in my life. My wife says I was easier to live with.  I noticed that I didn't get up as much at night and it extended my sleep about an hour. Didn't have as much swelling in my knee.  I strongly recommend this coffee. It has great taste and the effects will be welcomed by most people.    2 months later...  I have had chronic prostatitus since 1992. I have been medicated with elmiron and several other meds for years.  I've been drinking two cups of JavaImpact for about 2 month and my prostrate problem has been eliminated. This has made a very positive Impact on my life.  Have a great day.

Ken S – Nashville, TN


For a coffee, the low acidity is very good for many people with arthritis problems.  The best result for me is for blood circulation and my heart. 

Gilles R – Montreal, QC


My wife and I drink Java Impact every day and absolutely LOVE IT!   Impact is so smooth we don't need cream anymore.   Drinking Java Impact puts me in a great mood and I notice myself smiling more and can tackle anything calmly.   I used to get headaches and my joints would feel a stiff but after drinking Java Impact  my joints feel more flexible and  I don't get headaches anymore.  Plus,  a skin infection I had for years disappeared!   It doesn't give me the jitters like other coffees and I just feel fantastic when I drink it.  If I am lacking sleep,  Java Impact gets rid of my fatique.  I also love the fact that it is all organic and free trade coffee.   I will never stop drinking Java Impact!   

David J – Toronto, ON


"I tend to work on very little sleep. Now with Java Impact, I get more done and feel better doing it. I don't know how it does it, but Java Impact is the only coffee that has ever worked like this. It helps me feel like a got a great night's rest when I only got three or four hours sleep. It does this without making me jittery or edgy. It works like no other product that I have ever tried. I love it and would not go a day without my Java Impact!" 

Beau A – Fort Worth, TX


Java Impact is simply the best tasting and smoothest coffee I've ever had.  In addition, it's the first coffee I've ever encountered that is indisputably "GOOD FOR YOU" I'm not aware of any other beverage that can give you the "pick me up" that so many of us coffee drinkers seek and at the same time provide a incredible calming affect. It's simply amazing what these mushrooms can do for you! It's hard to believe how incredibly wonderful this coffee tastes, but don't take my word for it, get a sample today!

Eric S - NH


I love Java Impact. I use it in 2 ways. I am not a big coffee fan but I make an exception for this superfood mushroom coffee. I both drink the 14 mushroom coffee and use it for the famous Max Gerson Enema too. Nothing like cleaning out the liver and getting a nice immune system, mineralized boost in the morning.

Paul F – Maui, HI


How does a coffee create a great feeling---smooth energy—great taste and totally satisfying experience day after day after day---I have no idea but Java Impact has done it. I never thought any coffee could ever replace my daily Starbucks experience---never. And here it is over 2 month and I have been to Starbucks exactly twice. Java Impact is the finest organic health coffee I have ever used. I use about ¼ of the half and half I used with my Starbucks coffee and yet Java Impact is so smooth, no acid taste or after effects on my stomach. But most important is the energy and good feeling I have all day long. I work harder, have more focus, get more done, and feel happier than with any other nutritional product I have ever tried. However, even with the added energy I do not have difficulty falling asleep and I can even take Java Impact late at night without worry of gitters or caffeine high.   This is an amazing product that everyone should be using for the best feeling they have ever had.

George H – Fresno, CA



Mushrooms &  Male Libido and Erectile Health - Medicinal mushrooms are excellent for specific clinical conditions linked with masculine low libido, erectile dysfunction, impotence and virility: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stress and cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee - The evidence of scientific studies imply that regular coffee drinking may offer a substantial protection against many conditions including type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease and brain tumor, and even increase the longevity.


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