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Water/Vinegar Solution: The Easy, Cheap and Safe Way To Clean Your Coffee Maker

Most people are under the impression that having good coffee beans means they’ll get the best coffee. However, even the best coffee beans in the world are not going to give someone the best coffee if it’s being made in a dirty drip coffee maker. What they’ll get is coffee that smells terrible and taste like mud.

The reason for the bad smell and the terrible taste is because of the existence of hard water scales and leftover coffee oil residues lining the coffee pot. If allowed to build up, these things will cause the brewer drip to stop working as well as it should. Thus, cleaning your coffee maker on a regular basis is a necessity.

Most coffee drinkers wonder how they can effectively clean out their coffee makers. Actually, there are several options that can be used to clean them out; the best being the vinegar method. As you may already know, vinegar has many worthwhile cleaning abilities. It’s a natural household liquid and contains no toxic residues or compounds. The vinegar’s acidic property is effective at removing the buildup of minerals and oil residue among many other pollutants in the pot. What does one need to know about cleaning a coffee maker with vinegar?

Five Steps To Clean A Coffee Maker
Using The Common Household Product Vinegar

Do you drink coffee? Do you have your own coffee maker? If you’re using your coffee maker on a regular basis, you’ll want to clean out your appliance at least once a month with the vinegar. However, if you’re frequently using your coffee maker, then it would be wise to clean it after every couple of dozen uses. The cleaning process will remove the excess residue along with boosting the appliance’s durability. Here’s a simple step by step guide to assist you in cleaning out your coffee maker using vinegar.

Step 1 – Mix The Vinegar/Water Solution

Okay, before you do anything with the coffee maker, you’ll need to make up the water/vinegar solution. You do this by combining one part vinegar with two parts of water. Be sure you make enough that fills and soaks the pot. Now, you want to pour in the mixture and leave it to soak. Get rid of the mesh or coffee filter and clean it all with soap and water.

Step 2 – Use Solution To Clean Outer Surface

The next step is to use your water/vinegar cleaning solution with a white cloth to clean the coffee maker’s outer surface and heating element. After you place the solution in the coffee maker, let it stand for 20 minutes. This time frame will effectively break up those hard deposited particles.

Step 3 – Put The Mixture In the Coffee Maker

Now, you’ll need to place the mixture into the coffeepot, making sure to completely fill it. Put the mesh filter into position. Turn on the coffee maker, allowing it to run just once. Turn off the coffee pot after the brewing process is complete. Don’t touch the pot for about 15 minutes.

Step 4 – Remove and Rinse Mesh

After your coffee maker has had time to cool down, be sure to remove and rinse the mesh filter with cold water. Take the coffee pot out and allow the solution to drain out. Don’t be alarmed when you see pieces of residue come out from your coffee maker… this is completely normal and will happen.

Step 5 – Fill With Water, Run Once More

If you’re not entirely sure you’ve gotten rid of the traces of vinegar and particles, feel free to use water to flush out the coffee maker with two or three more brewing processes. Again, let it cool down for 15 minutes and drain the water.  Once you’re done with this step, you can say that you’ve used the vinegar/water solution to clean your coffee maker.

For people who hardly ever clean their coffee pots despite regular usage, it would be in your best interest to do the vinegar/water solution at least three times to ensure that it is particle and junk-free.

There are two real good reasons why you should consider the vinegar/water method:

1 – You don’t get exposed to toxic chemicals.

2 – You save money on the cleaning.


When you clean your coffee maker in this fashion, you can enjoy the best, most delicious cup of coffee you’ve had at home in some time.







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