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Blade Grinders
This grinder is like your typical blade blender or food processor. It cuts up the coffee beans into different sizes and will not work for espresso machines.

Blade grinders are the common household item for people who grind the coffee beans themselves. The blades are made of stainless steel and are relatively easy to maintain. It is also the most inexpensive type of grinder. The coarseness or the fineness of the grind depends on how long you will grind the beans in this grinder. Generally you can use this grinder for brewing any kind of coffee, even espresso, although itís not the most suitable equipment if you want to brew the best cup of espresso. A coarse grind will make the water pass through faster while the finer one will take up more brewing time. In espresso making, it should take about 20 or so seconds to extract the perfect shot. Blade grinders canít ground the beans evenly and youíll notice that some parts are finer and others coarse. If you try to make a finer grind, you will notice a sharp difference in the taste of your coffee. The friction between the blades and the beans are enormous such that the beans are burned so youíll get an undesirable aftertaste in your coffee regardless of its quality. Despite this limitation, grinding your own coffee with this grinder still makes for a better cup than buying already ground coffee.

Low priced blade grinder usually sold for under $20.

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