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The study below was taken from people that have purchased and used this hand crank grinder.

Grinds well:

Because it's a manual burr grinder, you can easily set the size of your coffee grounds, from coarse to fine (though, I haven't tried grinding it to fine since I use coarse grounds for my French press). The grounded coarse coffee were fairly even, too.

Good design:
The hopper where you drop in the coffee beans nicely feeds the beans (using gravity) into the grinding mechanism and from there into the glass jar. The hopper (with the grinding mechanism) can then be washed separately and the glass jar comes with a convenient lid for storing.

Good torque:
The grinding handle is easy to turn, albeit the area where you hold down the grinder to keep it steady is a bit too large for my small hands. Still, it's not so tough to turn that you're using too much effort in the morning, especially when you're too sleepy! So, I wouldn't count manually grinding coffee as a workout :(

Easy to clean:
The grinder disassembles easily which means you can really clean all parts in a few minutes and have a "fresh" and oil-free one the next day. I use a plain toothbrush to get the burr grinder squeaky clean. I suggest patting it dry and then letting the ceramic burr grinder air dry.

Nice compact product:
Unlike some electric grinders, this can be easily stowed away and used anywhere (i.e., camping). It came with the hopper with the grinding mechanism, the glass jar with removable outer rubber base, a measuring spoon (which is small enough that it can be stored inside the glass jar) and a plastic lid that screws unto the glass jar for storing your coffee grinds.


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